In-Game Description

The Warehouse is a storage space for player's items and materials. Use Diamonds to unlock more slots to store more stuff. Higher level Warehouses have more unlockable slots. Warehouse slots are unlocked with Diamonds. the amount required goes up with each row. 

TIP:There are a total of 140 spaces


Players can use the right materials to make equipment based on Plans or merge low level materials to create high level materials or even combine Hero Pieces to create Heroes. You can read more about Combining Stones Here .

all 3* Gears and up will have pieces or Plans for you to combine to create the Gear for your heroes to use. You can obtain planes from doing dungeons or getting them out of Chests .
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Here's a small list of some of the heroes you can create with Hero Pieces. And where to obtain the pieces

CastleEvent HallWarehouseSummoner's GateTowerWorld MapMarketArenaHero's GateMagic HouseAlchemy LabHidden TrainingRoyal Door
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