Hey All,

My team currently consists of a level 68 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Maximus (I transferred my Tarxus to him), a Level 66 Tier 6 (Sword) Vera, a Level 67 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Hanzen, a Level 72 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Shi Fu, and a Level 68 Tier 6 (Sword) Awakened Adept Rhee.

My formation consists of Hanzen in the front center cell, Maximus below him, Adept Rhee in the top back cell, then Shi Fu below her, and Vera, below him/it. My current leader is Shi Fu because of his health boost. I have 185 Allon pieces and am thinking I would transfer my Maximus to him, but I am open to suggestions.

I currently have 11 Ophelia pieces and 6 Rathim pieces. I am saving up my spin vouchers so that when there is a Destiny Spin available I can try to get a 6 star hero.

I am currently thinking about evolving my Vera, and then my Adept Rhee. Vera goes first because I have 13/15 required evolution materials. I don't have a single handguard. I have around 30 of each of the required 5 star stones, so that isn't a problem.

My level is 95 and my power is about 1.83 million.

Thanks, Tiki Man

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