Hello all!

Setting up a sort of progression of team blog post, to keep track of where my team is and where I plan on having it end up.

Current team setup:

Master JansenIcon

Total Power - 14.5m

Current progress:

(Update 12/9)

This was overdue for an update.

This week I finished out my collection of both Ethnia and Eliza pieces.  Lab has become very good now, I get into the mid 200s before I have to stop doing x10s.  The new dungeon I still can't quite pass the 10th beast section, but I'm getting closer.

I'll be working on gear and whatnot to give me the push to 15m.  Next hero will likely be Stevie, as I'm out of spin tickets, and am only 35 or so short of Stevie.  She will still be at least a few weeks to get, but closer than anything else, most likely.  I may eventually replace her with another Brend, but I'm leaning more towards having Sherlock as my purple gem hero that I'll be getting in a couple of months.  Regardless of what I choose, I should get a fairly large bump in power from just that, since Zoey is such a sub-par 6* mage.

I still need a handful of jewelry to fill out my heroes.  I keep getting amulets, however, which is a waste of diamonds since I already have a half dozen extra of those, so I'm giving jewelry a break for a few more days until I try to get new pieces again.

Notable heroes that I am close to:

Nothing particularly close currently, which is frustrating.  Just working on tiering up team as it currently stands.  Need more spin vouchers to consider getting another hero.

Potential team I am looking at progressing towards:

This section was grossly outdated.  I will consider something to include here.  The current meta supports a team of Eliza + Ethnia on front row, with Eliza and 2x Brend on the backrow.  I'm unsure if I will follow that build yet or not.

I will be adding to this as I think of new things.  Feel free to comment with suggestions.

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