On Sale

All on sale items are available in limited quanties per day.

Item name Price Contents Limits per day
Awesome Token Chest 0 diamonds 80x Awesome Token 5


Note: "V[number] Refill Gift Pack" can only be purchased once each and are listed up to 1 number above your VIP level, but only purchasable up to your VIP level (for example for non-VIP it only shows V1, which is non-purchasable, for VIP4 it shows V1-V5, of which V1-4 are purchasable) .

Item name Price Contents Limits
V1 Refill Gift Pack 98 diamonds 980k Gold + 1x Summon Voucher + 1x Large Energy Potion + 1x Large Action Potion 1 total
V2 Refill Gift Pack 398 diamonds 3.98 Gold + 5x Summon Voucher + 3x Large Energy Potion + 3x Large Action Potion 1 total
V3 Refill Gift Pack 598 diamonds 5.98m Gold + 10x Summon Voucher + 5x Large Energy Potion + 5x Large Action Potion 1 total
V4 Refill Gift Pack 1598 diamonds 15.98m Gold + 20x Summon Voucher + 6x 4-Star Energy Stone + 4x 4-Star Dungeon Crystal 1 total
V5 Refill Gift Pack 1998 diamonds 19.98m Gold + 5x 5-Star Material Pack + 5* 5-Star Energy Stone + 5x 5-Star Dungeon Crystal 1 total



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