Hi, you might have seen me editing, tweaking etc. here and there. I'm writing down some of my thoughts on how/why I do certain edits.

  • link as much as possible (you don't want to need the browser's "back" button on a wiki), but try to use no more than 1 of each exact link on a page or large section of a page.
for ex. Packs#5 Evolve Material Pack and Packs#6 Evolve Material Pack close to eachother is OK, 2x Packs#5 Evolve Material Pack or even just 2x Packs is not.
  • try to keep file/image names consistent and generic but descriptive
  • try to split pages into meaningfull sections for easy linking to those sections (I'm still thinking if section names with special characters such as the star should be changed or not...)
  • try to keep unnecesary formatting to a minimum, since it just causes extra load on the browser for not much gain, especially when loading the editor. Arena Reward Rankings is a horrible example of it. 99% of the junk formatting could be removed without it affecting the content/layout.
  • it just seems to me to read easier if generic illustration images are to the right of the text and not the left.
  • align numbers in tables right most of the time.  just looks nicer if their last digits are all in the same column instead of "1000" and "5" both having first digits in the same column...

I might think of more later. Comments? Opinions?

SDMarukokun (talk) 10:06, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

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