Note: I'm playing "Mini Knights", so am still at version 1.6, so there's a small possibility numbers would be different for 1.7...

Now that my heroes are in the level 80-100 range, I've been reading User blog:MrHasuu/Efficient Hero Leveling and a few other pages to figure out the most efficient way to further level my heroes.

The Super Chest Monster transfer trick is of course the very best at 2 or 4 million exp, but I'm trying to figure out what to do when those aren't available.

My options that I can think of:

  • fortify with maxed (10/10) king chest: 7350 exp, takes gold
  • fortify with maxed (30/30) 3*: 12K x2? exp, takes gold
  • fortify with maxed (50/50) 5*: 100K x2? exp, takes gold
  • Yggdras dungeon: 7xx exp per battle, takes AP
  • Hero Set Out|hero set out: at least 200x level exp per set out (16K+ per set out for level 80)

It would be horrible for things like Arena, Hero Gate and dungeon progress, but to me it just feels like it would be optimal that whenever I'm not spamming action potions on dungeon runs, I'd send my highest non-maxed hero or heroes to Hero Set Out...

Comments? Opinions?

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