Need some opinions on this to which team setup would be better overall for dungeons/labyrinth/pvp. Labyrinth being the main thing I want to be great at as I'm currently #1 in most weeks on my server. I'm currently level 150 with 9.9mil power.

Right now using Ethnia lvl135, Breaker Glax lvl124, (S)Master Rhee lvl 122, (S)Candy Can lvl 128, Eliza lvl122. I'm going to get Brend the next time it comes back on destiny spin and I want to know which to replace.

Options are transfering Breaker into Brend and go with Ethnia and Eliza in front with Brend, Rhee, Candy in the back. Other option is transfering Breaker into Brend, and then changing Rhee into Jansen which would put Ethnia and Jansen in front with Brend, Candy, Eliza in the back.

I see having the single tank option with Eliza would be better for pvp as it would help me kill the opposing Ethnia faster to get to the backline although Eliza would die fairly quickly with the opposing team also having Candy, Candy, Brend where having 2 tanks wouldn't help me anyway. Problem with this option is that I'm not sure if I would still be as good in Labyrinth with just Ethnia and Eliza vs Ethnia, Jansen and Eliza. Right now I can get to 222th floor in Labyrinth daily. All advices are appreciated!

I play on WP version if anyone is wondering why I'd be rank 1 in the server.

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