Tutorial Awakening Fuse Hero

Tutorial Awakening Fuse Hero


I'm writing this post because i've been recieving a lot of questions about how to awaken a hero or where to do it. So first of all Where

Menu > Fortify > Adv. Functions(unlocks at level 60) > Fuse Hero

Whew that wasn't so bad, now thats out of the way. comes the How

before we start here's the mumble jumble description when you click for help In-Game gives you, Feel free to skip it. I completely understand.

You can Select a Hero to Awaken, Awakening a hero will make it a Awakened Card. 
giving it bonus stats and starting off all battles with a CRIT. To do so you must 
select the Hero you wish to awaken, then select cards to use as material. 
The more cards you use the higher the success rate. At least one other card is 
needed to fuse. Silver maske card gives a higher fuse percentage. Also will cost 
Fusion Stones. Amount of Fusion stones needed is 3 fusion stones with the same 
number of stars of the fusing hero for example nexara, 5 star card so 3 5 star 
fusion stones are needed.

First of all select the card you want to Awaken. That could be the brand new Allon you just picked up from finally collecting all 200 pieces, or the awesome Vera you got from Supreme Summon. Click on the button SMC to do so.

Second You now need to select materials to awaken your Hero. The heroes you select MUST be the same Star level as the hero you are trying to awaken. These selected poor materials will be destroyed whether you succeed or not.

On the right hand side will show the Cost and Success Rate of you awakening your Hero. You'll need 3 Fusion Stones that are the same Star level as your Hero. And the more materials you use, the higher the Success Rate is. You must have a minimum of 36% success rate to do this.

Bronze, Silver, Gold Rorschach are Heroes that are designed for Awakening a hero, they give a large amount to the success rate if you use them as materials. (Silver Rorschach)

I think that covered everything on the Topic, if theres any other questions or if i missed anything let me know in the comments section below.

Before After

P.S. yeah thats right Fuse Hero = Awakening Hero.

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