For those who want to chat in Nexara server when they're at home and want to make it easier for themselves to get help or chat with their friends you can use raidcall. It's a free chatting system that you can download at "" our group ID is 8639622. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

This raidcall chat group is meant for players who play in any server not just Nexara who are home and rather chat with their mic or use their keyboard to talk instead of chatting with our phones etc. As you can tell chatting with our phones is extremely slow and it's hard getting help with questions we have and so on. The point of this group on raidcall is so players who are at home and feel more comfortable chatting with their mic and keyboard can feel free to do so whenever they want, and whenever they have questions and the Wiki can't answer it or doesn't answer it clearly enough or their not receieving any help in game they can come onto the raidcall for help.
Image of raidcall

Preview of what the Raidcall looks like

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