Note: This is completely out of date I am struggling with further developing my team. I am an all 5 star team minus an almost maxed out Agrila, I've been updating my current setups and plans on my user page. Right now I have 3 mages, the least powerful (by 50k power) is my Tao Yuan. I've been meaning to get rid of him for a while, but I can't seem to get ahold of any good hunters. I have 2/3 of the transfer pots needed for when I get one, i've been hoping for a Vera through supreme summon, but so far have been unlucky in getting him. I am not close at all to a Marlina, but am saving up for her. From my last 50 summon voucher stint, I picked up a Ygress. I'm wondering if it would be worth transfering Tao's stats to her. I have had her in the past, and wasn't too fond of her at the mid-levels and being level 95 with 1.97m power, I've heard she's even worse around this stage of the game. Tao was my first 5* Hero, and he's a panda, which are the 2 main reasons i've held on to him, but he seems to be slacking and has stolen enough evo materials from my Adept Rhee and Nexara.

I'm looking for suggestions if I should transfer Tao to Ygress or just stick with him and not evo him anymore, until I can get a better 5* hunter, or even a 6* if it takes that long to get a decent hunter.

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