Hello I'm wondering what new heros we should see in pocket knight in the near future so I want to hear some ideas for more 6-star and 5-star we need more mostly 6-star since there isn't enough 6-stars to select


My Ideas are below check them out


Name:ChaosWolf Race:Werewolf Profession:warrior Star:6 Material:War Horn Obtain: Not a Vip requirement craft by collecting 20 pieces or supreme summon

Humanoid dragon final by TheBeke

Name:Draco Race:Dragon Profession:warrior Material:War Horn Star:6 Obtain:collect 20 pieces or supreme summon

Name:Chaoswolf     Race:Werewolf     Profession:Warrior

6-star hero Obtained:supreme summon or 20 pieces

Name:Draco      Race:Dragon      Profession:Warrior

Lion warrior by koutanagamori-d3c0mhi

Name:Leo Race:Lion Profession:Warrior Star:6 Material:War Horn Collect 20 pieces or supreme summon

6-Star hero      Obtained:supreme summon or 20 pieces

Name:Leo  Race:Lion  Profession:Warrior

6-Star hero obtained by 20 pieces or supreme summon

These are my three best warriors that I want to see

Leave some ideas in the comments with profession,

Name,race,obtain,and what type of star hero they are

Bet yout ideas will be amazing can't wait to read them

P.S:I'm not a offical member of the Pocket knight company, but I will try to send my ideas and some of your to see if they will be made to the Pocket Knight Headquarters and in the pocket knight game THX.

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