6 star gear we have 6 star heros, but I never seen any 6 star gear till I got to the album this is some of the weapons and equipment not even released yet still.They should make them more powerful since they are 6-star gears what do you think about these unknown gears.

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-27-44

Ancient boots

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-27-35

Ancient belt

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-27-25

Ancient helmet

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-27-09

Ancient cape

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-26-59

Ancient armor

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-26-48

Ancient Bow

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-26-35

Ancient wand

Screenshot 2014-06-17-10-26-19

Ancient dagger

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