Okay, so I just joined my first guild about a week ago, and I like the benefits being in a guild gives you, but the problem is my guild is extremely inactive. In the past  5 or 6 days, we've only had 1 guild war, that only about 8 of us participated in in a guild of 73 people. Also, theres only about 3 people that attempt to do the guild boss every day, and i don't think anybody attempts the masked rebellion event. It's hard to recieve the full benefits and rewards of having a guild when you're guild is very inactive and uninvolved.

Basically I'm making this blog in search for a new guild. I am currently a level 73 on the Nexara server with a power of 1.1M. If anybody has an already developed clan that could use a new active member, or if you're trying to start up a new clan of your own, leave a comment and let me know. I'd be happy to contribute and I donate max gold every day.

Thank you.

PK Username: damien26_

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