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I had been playing on the "Mini Knights" (formerly "I am Hero") release (Europe) of this game since about end of april 2014 until Efun killed it off on 2014-12-31.

R.I.P. Mini Knights account

If we didn't want to lose everything, we would have to start from scratch on the Asian Hero Dream servers, with some "compensation" that in my case amounted to about 10-15% of the effort invested into my Mini Knights account.

So as of 2015-05-23 my status is:

  • Hero Dream (asia)
  • server: S29 Yggdras
  • name: Horatia A
  • level: 147
  • power: 17.5 million
  • VIP 7

If I'm too lazy to log in, I also edit as Special:Contributions/


Current team:

Mastery/Totem: T12 level 91 Fairy


  • 5x Holy gear (5x T3)
  • 23x King's gear (2x T9, 10x T6, 11x T3)
  • 1x Knights gear (1x T3)
  • 7x Guardian gear (7x T3)


  • 31x Demon jewelry (6x T9, 4x T8, 17x T7, 4x T6)
  • 3x Supreme jewelry (3x T1)
  • 2x Brave jewelry (2x T1)

Master Wu, Harry (Hero Dream didn't put the "Slayers" prefix at his name...) 2x Sir Rogas also as extra help at Underground.


type power type power
hero 6033k gear 5320k
tech 1385k title 122k
quest 425k picture 1008k
astral 13k mastery 2727k

Other 6* heroes (for mines etc):

Work in progress:

  • get Octender at 100/200 pieces and 949 magic diamonds
  • get more King's gear
  • get more Holy gear
  • get more 5-star Jewelry (5 more to go)
  • tier and level heroes further
  • max out mastery/totem

Not expecting to get these 6* soon:


  • 2015-05-1?: got enough pieces for Eliza #2 to replace Sir Rogas
  • 2015-05-0?: got my mastery/totem to lvl 90 T9 so I could transfer it to Fairy
  • 2015-01-2?: got enough pieces for Stevie and Mai from Hero Dream CNY
  • 2015-01-2?: farmed together Brend and Eliza
  • 2015-01-1?: farmed together a Candy
  • 2015-01-0?: Gotten Ethnia from 6 pieces and 14 almighty 6-star pieces
  • 2014-12-31: RIP Mini Knights.


Legacy info:

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