Profession Mage Star 5star
Race Vampire Material New Moon Handguards
Hero Description A well known gambler who spends most of her free time spending Spin Vouchers.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 1710 Initial ATK 570 Initial DEF 310 Initial CRIT 540
HP Growth +342 ATK Growth +114 DEF Growth +62 CRIT Growth +108
Awaken Hp 2052 Awaken ATK 684 Awaken DEF 372 Awaken CRIT 648
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +25% Pacifist Rate +0%
Block Rate +0% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Destroy
Attack all enemies
Leader Skill CRIT Boost
20% CRIT Boost at the beginning of the battle


Tarxus is an AOE mage who will scratch all your opponent's backs! They're nothing like kitty scratches so don't laugh. Tarxus is like the typical mage she has low health and defenses so you'd want to keep her on the backline so she doesnt take unwanted damage.

Additional Notes

  • Tarxus can only be obtained by crafting all 200 pieces of her
  • Pieces can be obtained from Market for 200 Courage Gems each
  • Costs 40,000 Courage Gems total to obtain her
  • As of 1.8, Tarxus can be obtained in the vault when you choose one of four random hero cards to flip over.
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