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Note: Gives 65884 exp at max level

Level: 20/20


HP: 1920

DEF: 288

ATK: 576

CRIT: 576


CRIT Skill : Heavy Blow Lv1

  • Attack an enemy and boost ATK for 2 turns

LEADER Skill : HP Boost Lv1

  • 10% HP Boost at the beginning of the battle.

Fun Facts

To be confirmed: facebook comments report that version 1.8 turned super chests into 2-star heroes, making the below no longer possible.

  • Gives A LOT of xp at higher lvl (needs to be calculated)
  • Although this card cannot normally got higher then lvl 20, transfering a higher lvl/tier 3 star Hero into it will still work. It is then possible to have a lvl 70 tier 6 Super Chest Monster and more.

Thinking of transferring a tiered-up 3* hero onto a Super Chest card?  Here are some things to consider:

  • You get bonuses for collecting 3, 6 and 10 cards in an album and completing albums raises your power, so if you're going to tier/level up 3* heroes to transfer onto super chest monsters, you may as well work towards completing albums. The three-star heroes are split into two groups, with 9 albums total for each group (ie, Elite 1-1 is the base heroes, Elite 1-2 is the tier 2 version of the same heroes, etc., all the way to T9).  In other words, if you've got 3 Super Chest monsters you plan to transfer to, you'll want to make sure the three 3* heroes you tier up are part of the same album.
Elite 1-X: Alexi, Kyna, Gerinald*, Grodo, Jamel, Jormil, Melisa*, Reinston, Starkon, Stevel
Elite 2-X: Agrigor, Barister, Evanston, Ivanis, Jonelle, Maeston, Manston, Messimer, Monteith*, Verna*
(* = mage, ie no extra evolving mats needed to transfer)
  • Transfer costs for a T9 3* hero:
1.7M gold/22 transfer potions and if the tiered-up 3* hero is a hunter or warrior, you'll also need 42 magic masks (the Super Chest monster is a mage)
  • The theoretical cost break-down for getting a 3* hero to T9:
~ 1115 1* energy crystals (1* x5, 2* x5 and 3* x30)
~ 745 1* dungeon crystals (1* x5, 2* x5 and 3* x30)
~ 84 evolving mats
~ 5,420,000 gold [2.16M to combine energy crystals, 3.1M to combine dungeon crystals and 160,000 cash (20k per tier-up)]
(Obviously, the actual cost will be a little lower, since sometimes you get 2* or better crystals out of chests/loot bags and there are random x2/x4/x10 procs when combining.  For cost comparison, a 5* energy crystal takes 1296 1* crystals and 2.59M gold and a 5* dungeon crystal takes 256 1* crystals and 1,7M gold.)
~ Plus, of course, the costs associated with maxing out the hero's level (T9 3* has a max level of 85), since max level cards give double xp when used to fortify another card.
~ A T9, max level (85) super chest chest monster is worth 2,347,183 xp (base)... I got a x2 proc - 4,694,366 xp - the first time I used one, which took my Rathim from lvl 80 to lvl 95.
  • All in all, tiering up a 3* hero and transferring it to a Super Chest monster is far too difficult and costly to be worth it at lower levels and it's a waste to fortify a hero that you'll eventually replace using a lvl 85 Super Chest monster anyway.  Later in the game, though, it's absolutely worth it.

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