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About the Royal Door

The royal door is a feature in the town that requires level 90 to access.

The royal door has a level, and xp can be gained by doing certain tasks for it. Tasks reward essence as well, which can be spent on rewards in the market.

Royal Door experience
Royal Door level exp. needed to reach
1 0
2 50 million
3 100 million
4 150 million
5 200 million
6 250 million
7 300 million
8 350 million
9 400 million
10 450 million

For now, level 10 is the highest level listed in the configuration files.

Royal Door Tasks

There are 4 different tasks that will give the royal door xp for completing at any given time. The four tasks change daily. Here is a list of known possible tasks.

  • Fortifying Heros (10 exp and 1 essence)
  • Fortifying Gear (10 exp and 1 essence)
  • Evolving Gear (10 exp and 1 essence)
  • Collecting (10 exp and 1 essence)
  • Completing Dungeons (40 exp and 4 essence)
  • Donating
    • ​3* Evo materials (200 xp and 20 essence)
    • 4* Evo materials (800 xp and 80 essence)
    • 1* energy crystals (10 exp and 1 essence)

Royal Door Rewards

Essence, which is rewarded from completing royal door tasks, can be spent under the 'Royal Door Exchange' section of the Market. 5* and 6* Evolution materials can be purchased as well as 1-6* Dungeon crystals and max level Chest Monster Cards. The full list and prices can be found here.

Once the Royal Door levels up, all players level 90 or higher will be able to claim gifts.

Daily gifts can be claimed each day from the Royal Door by all players level 90 or higher. The Reward depends on the level of the royal door.

Royal Door Rewards
Royal Door level daily gift levelup gift
1 1x small energy potion 1x small action potion - -
2 1x large energy potion 1x large action potion 4x5*energy 4x5*dungeon
3 2x large energy potion 2x large action potion 5x5*energy 5x5*dungeon
4 3x large energy potion 3x large action potion 6x5*energy 6x5*dungeon
5 3x large energy potion 1x summon voucher 7x5*energy 7x5*dungeon
6 1x Sun treasure chest 1x summon voucher 8x5*energy 8x5*dungeon
7 2x Sun treasure chest 1x summon voucher 9x5*energy 9x5*dungeon
8 5x large energy potion 5x large action potion 10x5*energy 10x5*dungeon
9 5x large energy potion 6x large action potion 11x5*energy 11x5*dungeon
10 6x large energy potion 6x large action potion 12x5*energy 12x5*dungeon

[Note: when you hit level 90, you are retroactively awarded the leveling-up gifts for royal door levels that have already been achieved.]

Royal Door levels on different servers

Server Royal Door level
Evanston 10
Grodo 9
Jamel 9
Loric 10
Nestor 7
Nexara 10
Pravil 10
Woofgang 10

If you're reading this and your server level isn't on here or has changed, please feel free to fill it in!

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