Profession Mage Star 5star
Race Human Material New Moon Handguards
Hero Description A former missionary who converted to the ways of the Mage, but never truly let go of his beliefs of the origin of magic
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 1710 Initial ATK 570 Initial DEF 310 Initial CRIT 540
HP Growth +342 ATK Growth +114 DEF Growth +62 CRIT Growth +108
Awaken Hp 2052 Awaken ATK 684 Awaken DEF 372 Awaken CRIT 648
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +25% Pacifist Rate +0%
Block Rate +0% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Protect
Attack an enemy and boost DEF for 2 turns
Leader Skill DEF Boost
20% DEF Boost at the beginning of the battle


Pravil is a very unique mage, not because he's floating around on a poor bird no. But i guess thats how people look when you use fly in pokemon with a small bird like Pidgey.

Jokes aside Pravil is unique because of his Crit skill, he boosts his defense making him a counter to AOE or Backline attacking teams. (such as Ygress, Tao Yuan, Woofgang, and Tharndir) This gives him a very high survival rate compared to other high damage dealing mages such as Merila and Nexara. However this does not mean that he can tank for your team instead of a Warrior. As you can see from the Growth rate, Pravil only gains 62 Def per level so it's best to place him on your backline to deal out nice damage.

Additional Notes

  • Pravil can be obtained from Supreme Summon and from 5Star Hero Gift Packs
  • As of 1.8, pieces can also be obtained through the vault (15 pieces required to craft).