Patch 3.2.X

New More 7 Star Heroes; Hungerer and Death Rider

New Main Characters have combos with various gears.

New Main Characters now have a 100% chance to activate their skill in combat. Example: Jansen will now always stun when activating his skill.

New Max character level increased to 350 and 4th world map is open.

New New prestige added.

New Leaderboard for Fate Spin added.

New Demon battleground gives personal guild contribution points.

New Player info can now be viewed.

New Increased Dungeons experience.

New Col.Reb - If I can somehow decode the APK from this game and have working images i will be able to Upload new images of heroes and updated pictures for the WIkia, if anyone can do this please contact me at

Please keep in mind this is Pocket Knights For Android/IOS, this is not Hero Dream or Pocket Knights Windows version, strictly information on Android/IOS platforms even though majority of the information on this Wikia may be similar to other versions of this game.


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Panda Leveling

Everyone knows that a Chest Monster gives 500 EXP to a hero. and that if you have a Maxed Chest Monster that gives 1450 EXP. Then if you have a King Chest Monster that will give 3000, or 6450 at Maxed level (10). Obviously anyone can see that with these cards are definately worth it to level them to max level, then use it for EXP to promote your heroes to awesome levels. But what about 3★ or 4★ Heroes? is it worth it to..(More)


7star Heroes

Arthur*AngelIconDragon HunterIconDrogarus7IconEthnia7Icon7-Star JansenIconMad ExodusIcon7-Star RheeIconSirRegis7Icon7-Star TaliaIconTru DeathriderIconTru HungererIcon

6star Heroes

AelisIconAmandaIconArthurIconBreaker GlaxIconSnow QueenIconBrockIconCandy Can.IconChironIconDeathriderIconDeer WhiteIconDemon LilithIconDragon Slayer RazorswineIconDrogarusIconEdwardIconEinstinaIconElizaIconEthniaIconEvil SantaIconExodusIconSpecial MerchantIconGabrielIconGorgorIconHungererIconIronGericoIconMaster JansenIconJuraleeIconLanisaIconLoricIconMilanIconMr.WhiteIconMulchNianIconOctenderIconOpheliaIconPatient ZeroIconPeytonIconPharaoh AnubiaIconRaijinIconRathimIconMaster RheeIconRoxyIconRoyal HarleyIconSherlockIconSirRegisIconStevieIconMaster TaliaIconThe KrakenlIconThrakthilIconWyndhamIconXinfernoIconYoriaIconZazyxIconZoeyIconZinIcon

5star Heroes

AllonIconAngeliconBastetIconButler Miss.RIconDeedlitIconEdvardIconErondragasIcon231GopaiconHanadaiconHansiconHanzeniconIsisIconAdept JansenIconKing BrogarIconKorisIconMaster WuIconMarlinaIconMaximusIconMerilaIconMogh GrutIconMystery ManIconNavy MasterIconNexaraIconNezumiIconPenelopeIconPravilIconAdept RheeIconRoyal MaskeIconScurvyIconSerenityIconShi FuIconSir RocasIconSmithyIconSlayersHarryiconAdept TaliaIconTao YuanIconTarxusIconTenguiconTharndirIconTrixyiconTwinsIconVenusiconVeraIconVrezhIconWatatsumiiconYgressIcon

4star Heroes

TaliaiconRheeiconJanseniconAgrilaiconRacieliconMortaniconGemauticonGrendiaiconAzaleaiconGorhamiconGerico IIiconGorham VIIIiconWoofgangiconDroghiconNestor3iconBloodhooficonHasgrothiconInoraiconIgmuticonMysterious MerchantIconYocomoicon


6star Gears

Ancient DaggerAncient WandAncientBowAncient HalmetAncient CapAncient BeltAncientArmorAncientBoots
Holy CrossBowHoly WandHoly DaggerHoly CloakHoly ArmorHoly HelmetHoly BeltHoly Boots
Zodiac CrossBowZodiac WandZodiac DaggerZodiac CloakZodiac ArmorZodiac HelmetZodiac BeltZodiac Boots

5star Gears

Guardian SwordGuardian WandGuardian BowGuardian HelmetGuardian ArmorGuardian CloakGuardian Belt IconGuardian Boots
KnSw IconKnWa IconKnLB IconKnight's HelmetKnight's ArmorKnight's CloakKnight's BeltKnight's Boots
King's SwordKing's WandKing's BowKing's HelmetKing's ArmorKing's CloakKing's BeltKing's Boots

4star Gears


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