Mogh GrutIcon

Mogh Grut
Profession Hunter Star 5star
Race ??? Material Orion Arrow
Hero Description A merchant by day and mercenary by night, he had learned the ways of the warriors to fend off thieves and highwaymen.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 2700 Initial ATK 645 Initial DEF 215 Initial CRIT 450
HP Growth +540 ATK Growth +129 DEF Growth +43 CRIT Growth +90
Awaken Hp 3240 Awaken ATK 774 Awaken DEF 258 Awaken CRIT 540
Hit Rate +15% Dodge Rate +15% Rage Rate +15% Pacifist Rate +0%
Block Rate +0% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Shoot
Attack an enemy.
Leader Skill ATK Boost
20% ATK Boost at the beginning of the battle


Mogh Grut is a Hunter who has somehow tamed a wolf and now rides it. He can deals out high damage with his Critical skill and even more when it's a RAGE attack. It's best to place him on the backline so he can be safe and sound and deal out high damage with his bazooka.

Additional Notes

  • Mogh Grut can be obtained from Supreme Summoning and also from the 5Star Hero Gift Pack.