Booster - Rare items that can be obtained by exchanging Booster Gems. You can obtain Booster Gems from doing Elite Dungeons and other things such as Lucky Spin or Star Treasure Chests.

Screenshot (57)
Item Cost
Hero EXP card 20
Gear EXP card 20
1* Energy Stone 1
1* Dungeon Crystal 2
Spade 10
Booster Treasure Chest 100
Spin Voucher 10
Hero Stones 10
Strength Bracelet Plan 25
Magic Mask Plan 25
Elf Quiver Plan 25
Warrior Medal Plan 100
Ring of Enlightenment Plan 100
Hunter pendant Plan 100
Book of Conquerors Plan 250
New Moon Handguard Plan 250
Orion Arrow Plan 250
War Horn Plan 1250
Esoterica Book Plan 1250
Sky Bow Plan 1250
Nexara Piece 400
Sir Rogas Piece 400
Hanzen Piece 400

Note: Like most 5★ Heroes, All Booster Heroes require 15 pieces to create.


Courage - Rare items that can be obtained by exchanging Courage Gems. You can obtain Courage Gems from fighting BOSS in the Boss Event.

Screenshot (58)

Item Cost
General Gorham Piece 100
Courage Treasure Chest 100
Nezumi Piece 200
Serenity Piece 200
Allon Piece 200
Tarxus Piece 200
Einstina Piece 1000
Koris Piece 200
Marlina Piece 200
Roxy Piece 1000
Pharaoh Anubia Piece 100
Isis Piece 100
Bastet Piece 100
Watatsumi Piece 100
Tengu Piece 100
Raijin Piece 100
Fabulous Merchant Piece 100
Xinferno Piece 1000

Note: All 5* and 6* Courage Gems Heroes require 200 pieces to create, the 4* ones 10 pieces.

Pink Exchange

Pink exchange  - Rare items that can be obtained by exchanging Pink Gems. You can obtain Pink Gems by doing Special and Supreme Summons

Screenshot (59)
Item Cost
Rathim Piece 35
Ophelia Piece 35
Candy Can Piece 35
Breaker Glax Piece


Zoey Piece


Chiron Piece


Note: All Pink Gem Heroes require 20 pieces to create.

Royal Door Exchange - Level 90

Royal Door Exchange - Rare items that can be obtained by exchanging essence. You can obtain Essence by doing royal door tasks.

Royal door shop
Item Cost
Book of Conquerers 1200
New Moon Handguard 1200
Orion Arrow 1200
War Horn 18000
Dark Esoterica 18000
Sky Bow 18000
King Chest Monster Card 150
1-Star Dungeon Crystal 10
2-Star Dungeon Crystal 40
3-Star Dungeon Crystal 140
4-Star Dungeon Crystal 550
5-Star Dungeon Crystal 2100
6-Star Dungeon Crystal 8100

Although in the Royal Door Exchange, the word plan is at the end of each evo mat, you get the actual item and not the plan.

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