Hidden Training

By hidden training, players can obtain EXP and Honor. Players can enter the default room, or can choose to create a room. Creating a room will cost Diamonds and a few other requirements.

Room Players Efficiency Requirement to create Cost to add 8 Hours
Yoria 8 100% N/A N/A
Goblinia 6 115% VIP 3 & 10 Diamonds 1 Diamond
Dwarfia 4 140% VIP 6 & 30 Diamonds 8 Diamonds
Dragania 2 180% VIP 8 & 100 Diamonds 25 Diamonds


Reforging allows the player to reforge Gear, Heroes and Jewelry. Reforging a card will return it to level 1 and give you items in return to make another card the equivalent to what the original was. Souls, Stones, and Evolution Materials. Reforge cost diamonds, depending on the tier/level.

Reforge Hero


Reforging Heroes gives: Hero Return(Lv. 1 Hero Card), Fortification Return(Hero Souls), Materials Return(4* and Evolution materials), Power Up Return, Astral Power Return, and if awakened, Awakened Return (Maskes and Fusion Stones respected for the star hero reforged.)

Reforge Gear


Reforging Gear gives: Gear Return(Lv. 1 Gear Card), Fortification Return(Gear Souls), Materials Return(3* Dungeon, Energy and Refine Stones), Enhance Return, and if awakened, Awakened Return (awakened Stones and refine Stones respected for the star gear reforged.)

Reforge Jewelry


Reforging Jewelry gives: Jewelry Return(Lv. 1 Jewelry Card), Fortification Return(Jewelry Souls), Materials Return(3* Dungeon, Energy and Demon Crystals), Enhance Return, and if awakened, Awakened Return (awakened Stones and demon crystals respected for the star jewelry reforged.)

Hero Set Out

There are slots for you to purchase. Once you do you can let your heroes go on missions. The game will randomly select difficulty levels of dungeons that you can send your hero to, Also displays the amount of hours it'd take to complete and if it costs anything to do. (Sometimes requires tokens) You will receive a Set-Out Pack and some EXP for the hero who set out when they return.

  • Tip you can also sometimes receive and additional bag.

Set Out slots:

Set Out slot number Minimum VIP level needed Cost in diamonds
1 0 100
2 0 200
3 0 400
4 4
5 4? 1000
7 7?

Possible rewards from the Set Out Packs:

1-Star Set Out Pack

1* dungeon stone 1
1* energy stone 1
Courage Gem 1
1* refine stone 1
2-Star Set Out Pack
1* refine stone 6
3-Star Set Out Pack
1* refine stone 6
Courage Gems 20
Monster Chest 5
4-Star Set Out Pack
4* refine stone 1
1* refine stone 6
1* energy stone 12
Courage Gem 40
Chest Monster 10
5-Star Set Out Pack
1* refine stone 12
1* energy stones 12
1* dungeon stones 12
Chest Monster 15
6-Star Set Out Pack
2* refine stone 1
3* refine stone 1
1* energy stones 16
1* dungeon stones 16
Chest Monster 20
Courage Gems 200

Hero Rebirth

Since patch 2.7 it is possible to obtain 7-Star heroes, to do this your hero needs to be at least tier 15 (Helm with 2 bars), which means you need to be at least level 135.



  • 150x Normal Nopo Stone
  • 100x Magic Diamond
  • 300x Normal Rebirth Stone
  • 5M Gold

Available Rebirth Heroes

CastleEvent HallWarehouseSummoner's GateTowerWorld MapMarketArenaHero's GateMagic HouseAlchemy LabHidden TrainingRoyal Door


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