There are three hero classes in the World of Pocket Knights. Each class possess traits and characteristics which play an important part in battle strategies. Those classes are Warrior, Mage and Hunter.

Warrior Class

Warrior class always stays in the front line. Most of the Warrior-type heroes can be identified by their high defense and HP, in exchange for lower normal damage and lower CRIT damage. Their main role is, therefore, to be the shield of the whole party while the other damage dealers at the back do their job.

Another trademark of Warrior heroes is the ability to BLOCK incoming attack, which reduces the damage received by half. If opponent is a closed-ranged hero, after successfully blocking his/her attack, Warrior hero can also counterattack with 100% accuracy and 100% normal damage potential. Hunter and Mage heroes can also block, yet the rate is much less frequent.

Warrior typed weapon - Guardian Sword (+%BLOCK)

Warrior Class (base stat) - Hanzen

However, if the opponent is a Hunter which deals long-ranged physical attack, the Warrior can only block without counter-attacking. Magic damage dealt by Mage can also be blocked. CRIT and RAGE damage CANNOT be blocked.

So far, there are two ways to increase the chance to block the attack by either evolving Warrior-classed weapons or upgrading Block TECH in Magic House.

Mage Class

Mage class is often a nightmare to any opponent in terms of damage dealt. A Mage's traits include very high raw damage and CRIT damage, although their defense and HP are among the lowest, which is why they are best put at the back.

Mage heroes can be even more devastating with their extremely high chance to inflict critical damage, which is in-game defined as RAGE attack. The Rage attack often doubles the inflicted damage, and applies to the whole attack if the attack includes multiple hits. Most of Mage-typed warriors are long-ranged damage dealers, with several exceptions such as Nexara and Trixy.

Mage-typed weapon - Knight's Wand (+% RAGE)

Mage class (base stat) - Nexara

It should be noted that Warrior and Hunter heroes can also deal RAGE damage, but their chance to cause such attack is much lower than a Mage. Mage is also the only class up until now which has the AoE attack that can cause damage to the whole party (with some rare exceptions such as Warrior-typed Allon and Hunter-typed Christmas Angel).

The ability to cause RAGE damage can be enhanced further by either evolving Rage TECH in Magic House or evolving mage-typed weapons. Pacifist TECH, on the contrary, the reduce the rate of causing rage attack of the opponents.

Hunter Class

Hunter class is frequently regarded as a combination of Warrior's defense and Mage's offense. Most Hunter-classed heroes possess very high raw damage and CRIT damage (but often lower than that of a Mage with same star level) and slightly above average HP and defense (but much lower than that of a Warrior with same star level). Consequently, a Hunter hero can easily take out foes while being able to endure unexpecting attacks, especially from opponents which have the ability to attack the whole party or the back row.

Hunter-typed weapon - Guardian Longbow (+% DODGE)

Hunter Class (base stat) - Christmas Angel

The trademark of a Hunter hero also lies in their ability to DODGE upcoming attack, which resulting in them receiving completely no damage at all, even though for certain attacks with status ailment such as Stun and Poison, they will still receive that status ailment. It should be noted that only successful attacks can increase the Rage gauge which allows heroes to deal CRIT damage, thus dodging ability is an extremely strategic part of a Hunter that sometimes brings about the glorious victory. So far, only Hunter heroes are seen to have significant chance to dodge attack, while Mage and Warrior heroes appear unable to do the same. This precious ability can be further strengthened by evolving Hunter-classed weapons. Hit TECH in Magic House, on the other hand, can increase the chance to successfully hit the Hunter-typed opponent.

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Updated 27/12/2013. 


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