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There are 6 different Themes, Players can create the game once and join a game up to 3 times in each theme. Higher level gates will be unlocked as you level up.

Rewards from the game you joined are half of the game you created. Players need to have teammates to enter battle. Note: You have to claim rewards before going to next Battle.

The "Check" button allows you to watch a replay of your previous battle. This allows you to watch which players in what order were used in a "join", which might help pick the right people and order for a "create". Rewards are doubled from 12:00 - 13:00 and 18:00 - 19:00 , These times are different on each server so please check which time zone it's in Here .  Also notice that these times are subject to the Time Zone Bug.

Updates after 2.8

Hero Gate is currently over-tuned. As player power levels continue to rise it was decided that the Hero Gate needed to increase in difficulty in order to provide the level of gameplay desired.


Each Gate has different enemies, and the enemies get progressively more difficult the higher the level of the gate you challenge.

Note : Gate 3 and 6 are surprisingly easy since its just 1 Boss, with 3 teams it's a breeze to defeat the boss.

Chapter 1 Gates

Chapter 2 Gates

Chapter 3 Gates

Note: The gates have a re-occuring theme, with Gate 3 and 9 being the same boss, but with increased difficulty.


The rewards you get from completing a gate are fantastic. The rewards shown are not a 100% garauntee, sometimes you won't get any Evolution Materials. Also during double profit time all rewards recieved are doubled.

Each gate lists 4 rewards, of which the ones on the left change every day of the week and the ones on the right always stay the same.

Day Reward1 Reward2
Gates 1 + Gates 1-6 Gates 7-12 Gates 13-18
Sunday Energy Stones King Chest Monsters Transfer Potions
Monday Energy Stones Super Soul Stone Super Soul Stone
Tuesday Dungeon Crystals Small Pearls Refine Stones
Wednesday Energy Stones Booster Gems L1, L2 Rune Packs
Thursday Dungeon Crystals Courage Gems Fusion Stones
Friday Energy Stones Hero Stones Tokens
Saturday Dungeon Crystals Big Pearls Big Pearls
non-changing rewards
Gate Reward3 Reward3 quantity Reward4
1 3★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
2 4★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
3 5★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
4 4★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
5 5★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
6 6★ Evolution Material Pack Gold
7 Bronze Maske piece Gold
8 Bronze Maske piece Gold
9 Silver Maske piece Gold
10 Silver Maske piece Gold
11 Gold Maske piece Gold
12 Gold Maske piece Gold
13 Bronze Maske piece Gold
14 Bronze Maske piece Gold
15 Silver Maske piece Gold
16 Silver Maske piece Gold
17 Gold Maske piece Gold
18 Gold Maske piece Gold
Doing a successful create of Hero's Gate 12 and collecting it, also results in the completion of all of Hero's Gate 1-6.
Doing a successful create of Hero's Gate 18 and collecting it, also results in the completion of all of Hero's Gate 1-12.

These auto-completed gates still need to be manually collected. This is best done during double rewards, since reward amount seems to be calculated at collection time and not at completion time.

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