Profession Mage Star 3star
Race Goblin Material Magic Mask
Hero Description Need to be added.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 720 Initial ATK 265 Initial DEF 105 Initial CRIT 265
HP Growth +144 ATK Growth +53 DEF Growth +21 CRIT Growth +53
Awaken Hp 864 Awaken ATK 318 Awaken DEF 126 Awaken CRIT 318
Hit Rate +?% Dodge Rate +?% Rage Rate +?% Pacifist Rate +?%
Block Rate +?% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +?%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill ???
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Leader Skill ???

Gerinald is a 3-Star Range DPS Hero


CRIT Skill: Heavy Blow Lv2

  • Attack an enemy and boost ATK for 2 turns

Leader Skill: DEF Boost Lv2

  • 15% DEF Boost at the beginning of the battle


"Raised under great discrimination for being a Goblin, he has studied magic to presevere among men."