1Q: Why can’t I level up the Castle in the game?

Answer: Your Castle’s level is determined by your current account level progress in the game. For example, if you are level 20, your Castle can upgrade to level 20, just like if you are level 40, your Castle can upgrade to level 40. If you cannot upgrade your Castle, it means that it has current reached its level limit until you level up your account again.

Another fact to note is that your Castle level determines the maximum levels of all the buildings in the game, so if you are level 40, but your Castle level is 20, the max levels of your buildings will cap at 20 until you level up your Castle.

2Q: How do I get Gold in the game?

Answer: There are many ways to get Gold! Try one or all of these methods:

  • Collect Gold from the Castle;
  • Transmute Gold in the Alchemy Lab;
  • Complete quests;
  • Encounter Treasure Chests in the Tower;
  • Complete dungeons in the World Map.
3Q: What should I do if I can’t kill the boss?

Answer: The easiest way to prepare to kill an unbeatable boss is to become unbeatable, yourself! Look into ways to improve your power in the game. Here are some things you can do to improve yourself. 

  • Fortify your heroes and gear,
  • Evolve your heroes and gear
  • Achievements,
  • Completed albums,
  • Titles,
  • Medals.
  • Even proper battle formation, for a strategic advantage. More on this Here.
  • Invite strangers or friends to the battle.
  • Use a boost scroll.
4Q: How do I get Advanced Heroes and Gear in the game?

Answer: Advanced Heroes are just another way of saying “really, really good Heroes.” The best kind of summons you can ask for are 4-, 5-, and 6-Star Summons. You can get Adv. Heroes by summoning in the Summoner’s Gate, and you can also gain access to 4-, 5-, and 6-Star Gear by obtaining and completing Gear Plans (obtained from Sun Treasure Chests, Moon Treasure Chests, and those alike) which are stored in your Warehouse.

5Q: What is the quickest way to level up my Heroes and Gear?

Answer: Heroes and Gear gain levels at a normal rate in two ways:

  1. You can venture forth into the World and progress through dungeons.
  2. You can fortify your Hero and Gear cards through the sacrifice of other less useful Hero and/or Gear cards. You can gain Hero and Gear cards by progressing through the Tower and through dungeons in the World.

That’s the normal rate of leveling. However, the quickest way involves using specific cards to fortify your cards with. One general rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the number of Stars a card has, the more experience will transfer during fortification. In addition, there are more types of cards that are specifically designed to boost Hero and Gear cards more quickly. For Hero Cards, you can use Chest Monsters Cards/King Chest Monster Cards/Max. Lv King Chest Monster Cards, and for Gear Cards, that means you should fortify them with Pearl Cards /Big Pearl Cards/Max. Lv Big Pearl Cards. Chest Monster Cards and Pearl Cards can be found throughout the Tower and in the World dungeons, and all of the cards mentioned above can also be purchased in the Shop.

One more way to boost your Gear Cards is to visit the Event Hall several times a day. One of the tabs there will lead you to the Mystic Blacksmith, who will add a guaranteed level to any Gear of your choice, plus bonus Experience toward the next level progress. You can do this twice every 6 hours! And remember, this is on top of other Gear leveling you will be doing through fortification. Now that’s speedy leveling!

6Q: What should I do if my Energy and Action are insufficient?

Answer: If you’re out of Energy, do not fear! Remember, your friends are here! Why not sing them songs of praise, and watch how fast your Energy will raise! Okay, okay, it’s “rise.” But here are a few fun tips and tricks to restore your Energy:

  1. Praise Friends and Strangers. You can add friends to your Friends list by going to the Friends option in your user interface (click the + symbol in the bottom right corner) and tapping the “Suggestions” tab. If other players have already tried to add you, you can tap the “Add” tab and fill your list fast. Once you have friends, go to your “Friend List” tab and Praise them all! You’ll get both Pal Points AND Energy as rewards. The cooldown for Praises is 2 hours, so it should be enough to suffice you through a quick Tower run or two, and if you’re lucky, you may run into an Energy Crystal or a Stranger in the Tower whom you can Praise for even more energy!
  2. Use Diamonds to recover Energy up to twice per day. VIP players can purchase Energy more times than that through the use of Diamonds, as well. Free players as well are able to buy Energy if they purchase a “Large Energy Potion” through the Shop once per day. Also, watch out for the Mysterious Merchant in the Tower! He may sometimes be selling an Energy or Action Potion for a nice discount, too.
  3. Patience. Energy will make a full recovery after about 97.5 minutes, but it will recover at a steady pace, so even if you don’t want to wait97.5 minutes, it’s still possible to occupy yourself with fortifying Cards, venturing into the World dungeons, or battling in the Arena until you return to the main Castle page and find that your Energy has naturally recovered enough to go on another trip through the Tower.

The more maximum Energy you have, the more you will recover per time tick, so another trick to getting more Energy is to increase your maximum limit. You can do this by upgrading Tech in the Magic House and/or upgrading your account level.

Action Points also recover over time on their own, but at a much slower pace – a rate of 5 points every 30 minutes. VIP players can purchase extra Action points from within the World dungeons, but do not fret(!), even free playing players can buy Action Points, too, through the Shop once per day. Just look for the item called “Large Action Potion,” usually in the “On Sale” tab.

7Q: My Hero have reach its Maximum Level! How to make it stronger?

When a 3- or higher Star Hero reached a require Level they can TIer Up; by using Evolving Materials, Gold, Energy Stones and/or Dungeon Crystals to evolve, depending on the Evolving Requirements. After Evolving or Tier up, the Hero’s attributes will increase, and the Evolved Hero's max level will increase. (Level Cap = (Star + Teir Level - 1) * 10).

8Q: How do I turn off the sound in the game?

Click the menu bar on the bottom right corner first (it looks like a + with arrows on the ends), and then click the Settings button. Once in Settings, you can turn off both Sound and Music for the game.

9Q: How do I become a VIP?

Your VIP progress is determined by your VIP EXP, which is dependent on how much cumulative real money has been spent to purchase Diamonds.

Here is a conversion rate, so you can calculate how many Diamonds/VIP EXP you may like to purchase:

  • 1 Diamond = 10 VIP EXP
  • $1 = 30 Diamonds

You can purchase Diamonds by going to the Shop (to the right side of the screen) and selecting the "Refill" tab. Your purchases will be logged in our database. Also, your first purchase for your character will be rewarded with double rewards (so if you purchase the $99.99 pack which offers 6000 Diamonds, you will receive 12000 Diamonds for the one-time purchase).To reach VIP1, a player must have attained 1000 VIP EXP, which are points toward progressive VIP levels.

As a gift, Pocket Knights offers players a starter bonus gift called a “VIP EXP Card” very early in the game which will credit 800 VIP EXP points that will go toward VIP1 progress (1000 VIP EXP). If a player uses that, then it means that player can reach VIP1 by purchasing at least 200 more VIP EXP points. And, since the VIP credit is cumulative, you will work toward more VIP EXP with every purchase, no matter which Pack you prefer to buy from the “Refill” tab. The more Diamonds purchased using real money, the more VIP EXP a player will get toward the next level. There are 10 VIP levels. Higher VIP levels reward players with more benefits. You can learn more about the VIP benefits by going to the Shop in the game and clicking the “VIP” tab.

10Q: Can I still claim the rewards if I don’t “Check In” every day?

Yes, of course! The game logs which days you log in every month and will count it cumulatively instead of consecutively. That means if you sign in 3 times per week, every other day, you still are credited with signing in all 3 days! Or if you log in 10 alternating times per month, you are still credited for all 10 times!

Special rewards are given to players who cumulatively “Check In” reach certain benchmark sign-in amounts per month. They are as follows: 2, 5, 10, 17, and 25 times.

Your sign-in logs only count within each calendar month, though! The system will automatically reset your sign-in record on the first day of each consecutive month.

11Q: What are Chest Monster Cards and how do we get them?

Chest Monster Cards are special Hero cards that provide the most Fortify experience per its Star tier.

There are three kinds of Chest Monster Cards:

One helpful tip to increase the amount of EXP you can get when fortifying the cards is to level up your cards before Fortifying your Hero.

You can get Chest Monster Cards by venturing forth into the World or the Tower. In the World dungeons, they are often dropped by bosses, and in the Tower, there is a high chance to receive one whenever you encounter a Mysterious Traveler. You can also purchase Chest Monster Cards (all three types) in the Shop. The Chest Monster Card in the shop can be purchased with gold, but both forms of the King Chest Monster Cards require a certain amount of Diamonds. The only exception would be to run into a Mysterious Merchant in the Tower, who may potentially sell one King Chest Card for gold, instead.

While on the topic of Chest Monsters, though, you should also note that Pearl Cards are the equivalent EXP boosters for fortifying Gear.

There are three kinds of Pearl Cards:

  • Max. Lv Big Pearl Card (2 Stars, Level 10/10, 6450 EXP)

Pearl Cards can be found throughout the Tower, from encountering Mysterious travelers and chests, from World dungeon bosses, and they can also be purchased in the Shop.

12Q: Which Heroes should I choose at the beginning of the game?

As a general rule of thumb, Heroes with more Stars have higher growth potential than Heroes with fewer Stars as well as stronger CRIT skills. A 6-Star Hero is better than a 5-Star Hero, who is better than a 4-Star Hero, etc. The goal should be to try to eventually acquire a 6-Star Hero, but the real question at hand is how to set yourself up for immediate gameplay in the beginning, where you can experience the best Heroes with the best potential to get you started.

One bit of advice is to start with 3-Star Heroes and level them/evolve them until you are offered the opportunity to get a 4-Star Hero , or even a 5-Star Hero .

As a nice boost early in the game, if you make a refill purchase of diamonds, it can even be the $.99 option, you will be rewarded with a 5-Star Warrior, Estine.

You can get low-star Heroes from traversing through the Tower, though the best way to get higher quality Heroes is to either summon them from the Summoner’s Gate, or collect enough pieces of a Hero Card that you can combine them to form a Hero.

Combining pieces will take a long time, so the best advice for starting out is to try to summon “Special” and “Supreme” Heroes from the Summoner’s Gate. There will be a Cooldown time between each summon attempt, during which time you can still use Summon Vouchers (purchasable through the Shop, and can also be awarded from certain achievements and gift packs).

Once you acquire Hero cards of your liking, you can work toward leveling them up. To get the maximum potential out of your cards, one good strategy is to level them to their max levels and then Evolve them.

Note that your starting hero can be evolved to add stars.  These are the only heroes that can be evolved this way and once you evolve a starting hero to add a star they are reset to level 0 and no hero stones but with stronger stats.

Fortifying your Hero Cards (and Gear) will improve the power and stats of your Hero through giving them Hero EXP. Certain cards will boost the EXP gained more than others.

  • The more Stars a card has, the better the EXP boost and
  • Chest Monster Cards will boost cards more than Hero cards of the same Star count. Leveling your Heroes that you are sacrificing through Fortification will also boost the EXP transferred.
13Q: How do I get more Heroes?

The quickest and most reliable way to get Heroes is to go to the Summoner’s Gate, which is a building located on the game’s main page. Once there, there will be three types of summons to choose from:

  1. Normal Summon (200 or 2000 Pal Points)
  2. Special Summon (1 or 10 Summon Vouchers)
  3. Supreme Summon (5 or 50 Summon Vouchers)

Summon Vouchers: You can get Summon Vouchers by defeating event-related bosses and by getting rewards and/or gift packs for achievements in the game. Summon Vouchers can also be purchased in the Shop and may be on discounted sale from the Mysterious Merchant in the Tower.

Normal Summon: You can spend Pal Points (achieved through Praising both friends and strangers you come across) to get Normal Summons. Each Normal Summon costs 200 Pal Points (or 2000 Pal Points for a set of 11 normal summons), and will reward you with a random Hero that has 1-3 Stars.

Special Summon: Free to summon once every 24 hours. If you want to summon another Special Summon within the 24 hour Cooldown, you can continue to summon by using 1 Summon Voucher per summon (or 10 Summon Vouchers for a set of 11 summons). Special Summons will reward you with a random Hero that has 2-4 Stars.

Supreme Summon: Free to summon once every 72 hours/3 days. If you want to summon another Supreme Summon within the 24 hour Cooldown, you can continue to summon by spending 5 Summon Vouchers per summon (or 50 Summon Vouchers for a set of 11 summons). Supreme Summons will reward you with a random Hero that has 3-6 Stars, with a guaranteed 5-Star Hero if you summon a set of 11 at a time.

14Q: Is the Gear related to any specific Hero class? For example, is the bow for an Archer, and the wand for a Mage?

Answer: You can use all Gear equally and freely among characters without any penalties. There is no class-based limitation with any of the Gear, including the weapons.

Even though you do not get a penalty when using a Gear with any characters. you will not be able to unlock special bonuses as the Gear tiers up, i.e. is evolved.  At level 70, the "Evolve Gear" section is unlocked under Cards menu.  This works in much the same way as Evolve Heroes except you do not require any special materials outside of Gear Stones, Dungeon Crystals, and Energy Stones.  You get bonuses at Tier 3, Tier 6, Tier 9 according to the Gear, i.e. weapons will have Attack + Block bonuses.

These Bonuses are the only true limitations when using Gears with your characters.  To unlock (use) the Bonuses you have to use the appropriate character with that particular Gear.  For example, a bow will get bonuses unlocked at Tier 3, Tier 6, and Tier 9; however, only a Hunter class character will be able to apply those bonuses.

For each particular Gear, going into the Gear Card will show you which characters are required to unlock that particular Bonus stat.

15Q: What does “S” mean on Hero Cards?

Answer: The “S” stands for “Super”, (aka, "awakened" heroes), and Hero Cards that are labeled with S are called “Super Heroes.” “S”  means that they have somewhat higher attributes and they have 100 starting energy (as compared to a normal Hero’s 50 Energy). And, because it has 100 Energy to start, the first attack in battle will be a CRIT attack.

You can Fuse a Hero so that it becomes Super and have the S on the card in the Fortify Menu -> Adv. Fortify(Unlocks at level 60). For more information, check out this blog!

16Q: What perks can I expect if I purchase Diamonds?

While it is possible to play the game for free, VIPs will receive extra perks that will provide them with a better and more convenient game experience.

The Diamond–VIP EXP Conversion rate is as follows:

1 Diamond = 10 VIP EXP $1 = 30 Diamonds

There are multiple Refill Packs that you can choose from, located in the Shop’s “Refill” tab:

1. Beginner Pack - $0.99 USD  33 Diamonds (10% Bonus) 2. Basic Pack - $2.99 USD  108 Diamonds (20% Bonus) 3. Intermediate Pack - $7.99 USD  312 Diamonds (30% Bonus) 4. Advanced Pack - $14.99 USD  630 Diamonds (40% Bonus) 5. Super Pack - $29.99 USD 1350 Diamonds (50% Bonus) 6. Epic Pack - $74.99 USD  3600 Diamonds (60% Bonus) 7. Ultimate Pack - $99.99 USD  6000 Diamonds (100% Bonus)

The VIP Benefits are listed in the game, but for your convenience, Here's the VIP Information.

17Q: What do I use Spin Vouchers for in the game, and what exactly are they?

Spin Vouchers are used to spin the mini-game roulette wheel, where players get a chance to win fabulous prizes. The roulette wheel can be found by going to the main game page and looking in the top center, where the icon says “Spin.”

There are three different kinds of Spin wheels:

  • Lucky Spin 
  • Destiny Spin
  • Fantasy Spin

Lucky Spin will always be available to play, though Destiny Spin and Fantasy Spin are special event-related roulette wheels that only will be offered during special event periods.

Different Spin Vouchers (and/or amounts of vouchers) are required for all three roulette wheels, and they are as follows:

  1. Lucky Spin – requires 1 “Spin Voucher” per spin
  2. Destiny Spin – requires 10 “Spin Vouchers” per spin
  3. Fantasy Spin – requires 1 “Fantasy Voucher” per spin

Spin Vouchers: You can get Spin Vouchers through opening “Star Treasure Chests” and other rewarding treasure chests throughout the game world. Defeating special event-related bosses may also reward Spin Vouchers. You can also purchase Spin Vouchers in the Shop, or get them at a discounted price if you run into the Mysterious Merchant in the Tower who is selling one.

Fantasy Vouchers: Fantasy Vouchers are available during special Fantasy Spin event times. There are two ways you can get Fantasy Vouchers:

  1. You can purchase up to 2 Fantasy Vouchers were day in the Shop;
  2. During the event times, go to the Event Hall (located in the main game page), scroll to the right of the tabs on top until you find the tab called “Fantasy Voucher”, and review the prices for the exchange. The exchange rates as of December 2013 are as follows (you may always check in-game to see the latest exchange rates in the Event Hall):
  • 6,500,000 Gold = 10 Fantasy Vouchers 
  • 100 Courage Gems + 588 Diamonds = 10 Fantasy Vouchers 
  • 600 Diamonds = 10 Fantasy Vouchers

18Q: What are Hero Stones used for in the game?

Hero Stones are an intermediate-level item that will not be available to use until you reach level 50. They may be found in certain gift packs and are often rewarded in the Alchemy Lab when you transmute three same-type gem shards. You can find the option to “Power Up” Heroes by clicking the “Cards” icon in the main UI and looking to the bottom left of the “Hero Card” screen.


19Q: How do I obtain Prestige in the game?

Players can gain Prestige by challenging other players to battle, mainly through PVP and rankings. Prestige is also available in special Gift Packs that are rewarded throughout the game, star treasure chests, fighting maskes in the guild tower, and absolving friends in the alchemy lab.

Prestige is an experience-related system that relates to Titles. The more Prestige you have, the greater you may be able to level up your Title level. The higher the Title, the more attribute boosts your entire account will have across all characters. A high Title will ensure a powerful party, regardless of what Hero Cards or Gear Cards you may have equipped. For more info on titles, visit Title.

20Q: Where do I obtain the items to change classes in the game?

Answer: The most common materials used to Evolve and Tier-up are Energy Stones and Dungeon Crystals, both of which can be found in treasure boxes and are dropped from World Dungeons. Some of the rarer materials will drop from Elite Dungeons, which can be entered by clicking on a normal World Dungeon and then choosing to enter an “Elite Dungeon” by tapping the tab on top before starting to battle.

More on this in the Player Tips & Tricks and A detailed guide to Hero Evolutions

21Q: What can I do in the game every day?

Answer: There are plenty of things to do once a day and every few hours. You can do elites dungeons once per day, you can fight in the tower, do alchemy for gold, collect from the castle, fight in the arena and battle in the hero gate.

22Q/23Q: How do I fortify Gears/Heroes in the game?

Answer: SImply go to the Fortify Menu and select cards to use to upgrade the Gear/Hero you wish to improve.

The Fortification EXP is determined by 2 things:

  1. The star amount of the Card.
  2. The amount of EXP in the card.

Here's a breakdown of the Fortification EXP from normal Hero Cards (NOT including Chest Monster Cards):

  • 1-Star (1/10) --> 100 EXP
  • 1-Star (10/10) --> 650 EXP
  • 2-Star (1/20) --> 200 EXP
  • 2-Star (20/20) --> 3342 EXP
  • 3-Star (1/30) --> 600 EXP
  • 3-Star (30/30) --> 11798 EXP
  • 4-Star (1/40) --> 1200 EXP
  • 4-Star (40/40) --> 39154 EXP
  • 5-Star (1/50) --> 4800 EXP
  • 5-Star (50/50) --> 102374 EXP
  • 6-Star (1/60) --> 9600 EXP
  • 6-Star (60/60) --> 204540 EXP

When you fortify using Chest Monsters, here is the breakdown:

  • 1-Star Chest Monster (1/10) --> 500 EXP
  • 1-Star Chest Monster (10/10) --> 1450 EXP
  • 2-Star King Chest Monster (1/10) --> 3000 EXP
  • 2-Star King Chest Monster (10/10) --> 6450 EXP

There are also more types of Chest Monsters in the game that award more EXP.

This Fortification principle also applies to Gear Fortification and Pearl Cards.

24Q: How do I switch out my main party members?

Switching out party members is a little tricky to find, but easy to do once you’ve found it. Follow these 8 easy steps to do so:

  1. Go to the main Pocket Knights game screen, where all of the buildings are laid out before you
  2. Look in the bottom right-hand side, at the "+" button with the arrows on the ends. Click it.
  3. Along the bottom menu that pops out, there is a button called "Equip". Click it.
  4. You'll now be in the equipment screen. To view what members are in your party, look at the top of the screen under where it says "Equip Hero" - there will be a list of heroes that you can scroll to the side.
  5. Select which hero you would like to replace by clicking the avatar among the scrollbar (that shows all the party members)
  6. Now you'll see that Hero show up as the main hero wearing designated equipment. To swap out out the hero, tap the hero itself.
  7. A list of available Hero cards will be displayed. Just choose which hero you would like to choose instead.
  8. Press "Confirm" (or the "X" to get out of the window if you changed your mind
25Q: How do I alter my Hero Formation / How do I assign a different Leader?

  1. Go to the main Pocket Knights game screen, where all of the buildings are laid out before you
  2. Look in the bottom right-hand side, at the "+" button with the arrows on the ends. Click it.
  3. Along the bottom menu that pops out, there is a button called "Equip". Click it.
  4. Click the “Formation” tab on top.
  5. Here, you can assign a new leader to your team and drag/drop Heroes into formation.
26Q: What are the benefits to challenge in Arena?

The benefits are that you get prestige, which boosts your Title and gives you more power.

Higher ranking players in the Arena will receive prestige rewards. The Top 100 in the Arena can claim prestige rewards after 10pm. The Top 50 will receive rewards on top of that, followed by the Top 20 and the Top 10. If you are not among the Top 100, however, you can still pursue winning streaks, which also grant great rewards.

27Q: Why does it say “Cooling down. Please visit later,” when I try to Praise some Friends?

Answer: This is often noticed after a player has been offline for a while, and have returned to see multiple Praises from friends in their Friends-> Personal tab, though it can also happen if you’ve been playing the game for a while and have not noticed their Mail or Friends icon blinking red.

Take careful note of whom you are Praising. Sometimes you may have had one particular friend Praise you multiple times. You can only Praise one friend once per 30 minutes. The reason why you would have multiple Praises from one friend is because they waited 30 minutes in between Praises, but you were not available to collect each Praise within their Cooldown period.

You will only receive the message “Cooling down. Please visit later,” when you try to Praise a Friend or Stranger whom you have already Praised within the 30 minute Cooldown time.

28Q: What is the use of Yellow Diamonds in the game?


Booster Gems and Courage Gems are both a form of currency within Pocket Knights that can be exchanged for goods in the Market (is a building in your main game page). You can attain Booster Gems and Courage Gems from gift packs and achievement rewards.

Booster Gems are special in that they can be traded for “Booster Treasure Chest” in the Market, which are specifically reserved for Booster Gem trades and can contain 5-Star Weapon Plans, 5-Star Evolving Materials or 6-Star Evolving Materials. In addition, Booster Gems can directly purchase 5-Star and 6-Star Weapon/Gear plans and 5-Star Hero Pieces (for Nexara , Sir Rogas and Hanzen). Booster Gems can also be traded for spades, 1 star crystals, spin tickets, and hero pieces.

Courage Gems can be used to buy a Courage-Gem specific item called a CourageTreasure Chest , which may drop rare materials and Sun Treasure Chests. However, most players may find the greatest use in buying 5-Star and 6-Star Hero Pieces. The main use of Courage gems are to trade them for unique 5  and 6 star hero pieces only obtainable through courage gems. a total of 200 pieces are needed for each hero, or a total of 40000 gems for a 5 star hero and 200000 gems for a 6 star hero.

29Q: What are the benefits of the 11th Consecutive summon and supreme summon?

Answer: Players can get special benefits by choosing to summon Heroes 11 times in a row by clicking the “11 Times” button in either “Special” or “Supreme” Summon.

In “Special” Summon, one of the Hero Cards is guaranteed to be a 4-Star Hero, and in a “Supreme” Summon, one of the Hero cards has an extremely high chance to be a 5-Star hero. Depending on luck, however, players may end up with even more High-Star Heroes than they accounted for!.

30Q: How do I do a Hero Transfer?

  1. Both cards that are undergoing a transfer need to be of the same Star-count. That is, you can transfer one 3-Star card to another 3-Star card, and you can transfer a 4-Star Card to another 4-Star Card, etc. However, you will not be able to transfer a 3-Star Card to a 4-Star Card.
  2. Your characters must have reached their maximum level potential (40/40, 50/50, 60/60)
  3. You must have one character with a higher max level count than the other. For example, one character must have (40/40) and the other (50/50).
  4. To begin the Transfer, characters with fewer levels (40/40) are to be placed on the right and the same and/or higher levels to the left (40/40), (50/50), (60/60)
  5. Depending on the max level of the characters being transferred from the left to right, the cost of the transfer will differ, and will be displayed in the middle area.. A level 40/40 will cost less when transferring to a 50/50 than a 50/50 into a 60/60, etc.
  6. During a successful "Transfer", the stats of the characters are actually swapped. You will not lose a card in the process, but rather the progress of the cards (max levels and tiers) will be exchanged between the two.
31Q: How do I get a code for Pocket Knights?

There are two code types currently available. Freebies and event codes. You can enter a code into your Pocket Knights game by tapping the “Checkin” icon on the upper right-hand side of your game screen and then tapping the “Code” tab.  

Check out the codes page to get codes!

32Q: Why are certain events active on some servers and not others?

Server events are scheduled based on the original server launch, so every server will have a slightly different event schedule. That would explain why some servers may be running certain events while others are not.

33Q: How do you get Mentors? What do Mentors do?

Mentors are 6-Star Heroes available to aid your party for one battle every 30 minutes in the World Dungeons. Mentors will be available to use until players reach Level 70, after which time the Mentors will not longer appear in the Dungeon “Invite” list.

34Q: How do I get Almighty Pieces?

You can get Almighty Pieces from events. Sometimes, you may also be able to get them from special event-related adventures within the Tower when they become available, but those occasions do not happen as frequently. Truthfully, though, you do not need Almighty Pieces for any combinations. They are intended to replace parts that you may be missing, and Almighty Pieces are completly optional for the combinations.... So keep saving up, and look forward to the events that may drop them in the future :)

35Q: How do I use an Awaken Potion?

The events tab.

The "Go all out" button.

Answer: Awaken Potions let you "Go all out" on event bosses. (3.0x the damage.) To use Awaken Potions you first click on the events tab. Then you click the button "Go all out" instead of clicking the usual "Challenge" to challenge the boss

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