3★ Evolution Materials

Warrior3Star.jpg MagicMask.jpg Elf Quiver.jpg

Found in Star Treasure Chests. Elite Dungeons Castor Port, The Lakebed, and Magic Forest all drop 3★ evo pieces. Also, Star Treasure Chests give 3★ evo mats as well. Lastly, Hero's Gate 1 also gives 3★ evo mats as reward.

Type Material
Warrior Strength Bracelet
Mage Magic Mask
Hunter Elf Quiver

4★ Evolution Materials

WarriorMedal.jpg Ring of Enlightenment.jpg Hunter's pendant.jpg

Found in Moon Treasure Chests. Just like 3★ evo mats, the 4★ is also dropped in the Elite Dungeons. You can find them in Cloud CityWastelands, Desert, and Snowberg Mtn . Hero's Gate 2&4 also gives 4★ mats as rewards.

Type Material
Warrior Warrior Medal
Mage Ring of Enlightenment
Hunter Hunter's Pendant

5★ Evolution Materials

Book of Conquerors.jpg New Moon Bracelet.jpg Orion Arrow.jpg

Found in Sun Treasure Chests. Elite Dungeons for 5★ materials are Winter Cave, Whirlwreck, and Lost City. Hero's Gate 3&5 gives them out as rewards, as well.

Type Material
Warrior Book of Conquerors
Mage New Moon Handguard
Hunter Orion Arrow

6★ Evolution Materials

War Horn.jpg Esoterica Book.jpg Sky Bow.jpg

These are available from Floating Island and Yggdras Elite Dungeons. They also drop from Hero's Gate 6.

Type Material
Warrior War Horn
Mage Esoterica Book
Hunter Sky Bow

Combining Evolution Materials

Evolution Materials can be combined to create Materials of higher star level.

  • 30 3★ Material can make one 4★ Material
  • 30 4★ Material can make one 5★ Material
  • 15 5★ Material can make one 6★ Material

This means that:

  • 900 3★ Material can make one 5★ Material
  • 450 4★ Material can make one 6★ Material
  • 13500 3★ Material can make one 6★ Material

Using the Royal Door to Combine Evolution Materials

If you are over Level 90 and only need 5★ and 6★ Evolution Material, it is no longer worth it to combine your 3★ and 4★ Materials. Instead it is worth it to wait until one of the royal door tasks is to 'Donate'. You can donate 3★ and 4★ Evo Materials for Essence and use the Essence to buy 5★ and 6★ Evo Materials, or 1-6★ Dungeon Crystals, and when spent on Evo Materials, it is far cheaper than the traditional combining.

  • 60 3★ Material can make one 5★ Material
  • 15 4★ Material can make one 5★ Material
  • 900 3★ Material can make one 6★ Material
  • 225 4★ Material can make one 6★ Material

For more information, go to The Royal Door page.

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