Profession Warrior Star 5star
Race Human Material Book of Conquerors
Hero Description The prophets foretell greatness in him, and the only way to achieve it is for him to change who he is.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 3240 Initial ATK 400 Initial DEF 445 Initial CRIT 400
HP Growth +648 ATK Growth +80 DEF Growth +89 CRIT Growth +80
Awaken Hp 3888 Awaken ATK 480 Awaken DEF 534 Awaken CRIT 480
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +0% Pacifist Rate +35%
Block Rate +35% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +0%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Valor Strike
Attack an enemy and boost ATK for 2 turns
Leader Skill CRIT Boost
20% CRIT Boost at the beginning of the battle


Erondragas is a semi-rare 5  hero that can only be obtained through the Special Summon Event using Special Summon Vouchers and through Courage Gems. And because of that Erondragas's ATK stat is higher than all other 5 Warriors which makes him both a powerful tank and a damage dealer, But do not confuse Erondragas's damage with other backline high damage dealers such as Vera or Pravil .

Pieces can also be obtained in the vault.

Additional Notes

  • During the Special Summon Event the chances to get Erondragas is rare, there are cases of players using 700 ~ 2500 Special Summon Vouchers and still did not get him. So Good Luck on the next event.
  • After the introduction of General Gorham, chances of getting Erondragas anywhere seem to have dropped to zero.
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