Demon LilithIcon

Demon Lilith
Profession Hunter Star 6star
Race Demon Material Sky Bow
Hero Description With Demon God Soul, to finish her world ruling dream, creates war all over the world.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 3600 Initial ATK 940 Initial DEF 325 Initial CRIT 690
HP Growth +720 ATK Growth +188 DEF Growth +65 CRIT Growth +138
Awaken Hp 4320 Awaken ATK 1128 Awaken DEF 390 Awaken CRIT 828
Hit Rate +15% Dodge Rate +15% Rage Rate +15% Pacifist Rate +0%
Block Rate +0% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Sword of Evil Emperor
Attack 3 random enemies, and has a 30% chance of stunning them for 2 turns.
Demon Lilithcrit
Leader Skill ATK Boost
25% ATK boost at the beginning of battle

Additional Notes