The 3 Collection types are "Collect Gold", "Collect Honor" and "Collect Runes". Players can receive Gold, Honor and Runes in a short amount of time. "Collect All" to get all the unlocked items at the same time.

When collecting from the Castle you can get Bonuses which will multiply the amount of rewards collected. (x2, x4 and so on). With higher VIP level the amount of Diamonds required when collecting decreases. Also the higher the Castle's level the more you collect as well. Here's the formula below

TIP: tapping the "Collect All" button allows you to collect from all three sources at a cheaper diamond rate. (Great for collecting event requirements)

The Collection Bonus formula:

100 + ( Castle Level - 20 )*5 = total %

Example : level 60 castle = 100 + (60-20)*5 = 300% Collection Bonus


Note : Collect Runes is Unlocked at Player level 55.

Alchemy Lab

Transmute - Players can perform Alchemy rewarding currency, with attempts regenerating once every half an hour. 3 identical shards grant you bonus results including hero stones and extra currency. If you don't like the shards generated. use Refresh to regenerate new Shards. You have one free Refresh chance every hour or you can spend Diamonds to Refresh. A refresh seems to generate only equal or better value shards, so if you are nowhere near the cap, multiple refreshes on the same set can work your way to a set of 3 good and identical shards. Every Recruit grants you 20% bonus Gold result. You will get one Alchemy opportunity every 30 minutes.

You can transmute every half an hour. Every level in the Lab increases gold bonus by 0.4%

Note: Alchemy is not limited to 24 attempts per day, but the cap stop at 24.  After you have used your full 24 attempts check back every 30 minutes for more attempts.  There is no limitation on attempts that may be performed per day.
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Tip: Transmuting will have a chance of gaining contribution points towards your guild.

Shards Bonus Reward
3x Commonshard Hero Stone x10 , 5k Gold
3x Brilliantshard Hero Stone x20 , 10k Gold
3x Rareshard Hero Stone x40 , 20k Gold
3x Flawlessshard Hero Stone x60, 40k Gold
3x Perfectshard Hero Stone x80, 80k Gold
3x Epicshard Hero Stone x160, 160k Gold

Recruit - You can Recruit players that you've defeated. Every Recruitment costs you 3 Action Points. If someone absolves your Recruits, you can attack that player and take the Recruit back. Every attack costs you 3 Action Points. In the recruitment tab on the left side shows people you have attacked, and on the right side displays people who have attacked you.

Status Definition
Available Player can be Recruited
Boss Player is the Boss of another player
Recruit Player is Recruited by another player

If you have been recruited you have several options toward the person that has recruited you.

Options Definition
Slaveleave Player fights for freedom. If won, player is free from recruitment
Slaveflee Player has a chance of escaping recruitment. 1 Hour Cooldown
Slavehelp Player sends message to friends asking to save them from recruitment
Slavepay Player pays 10 diamonds to boss and is free from recruitment
Praise Player goes on mission for boss earning gold and a chance of action points.

Challenge - If your friend is Recruited, you can Absolve him/her of duties. But your level cannot be over 10 levels higher than his/her boss. Your friend will become Available after being successfully Absolved. Successful challenges will earn you Prestige.

You can also use Diamonds to purchase more recruitment slots but you'll need to have the required VIP level to do so.

Slot Vip Level Cost
4th Slot VIP 2 100 Diamond
5th Slot VIP 4 300 Diamond
6th Slot VIP 6 600 Diamond

Actions - Every Recruit will work for you for 24 hours. During that time, Gold will be generated non stop. The Recruit being Released,  Absolved or Passing the time period(24 hours) are the 3 ways to claim the gold your Recruit generated. 

Operation - allows you to Work and Guard the recruit.

Guard - pay 100 Diamonds to keep the recruit from being stolen/absolved

Work - sends him out and work for you and gets you rewards

Work's Reward Quantity
Gold 1k-30k 
Actionpoints 1-50 

Magic House

Magic House is where all your Technologies are, You can upgrade Tech in the Magic House and raise your Heroe's attributes.

You need Honor points to upgrade Tech. Honor points can be collected from Castle and Dungeons. Daily honor pack also gets you some honor.


Technology Name Stats per level Unlock level Cost increase per level
Techhp1 HP 1 Hp +85 0 100
Techatk1 ATK 1 Atk +17 0 100
Techdef1 DEF 1 Def +12 15 200
Techcrit1 CRIT 1 Crit +17 15 300
Energy1 ENERGY 1 Energy +1 20 200
Rage1 RAGE 1 Rage +15 30 500
Pacifist1 PACIFIST 1 Pacifist +10 30 500
Def2 DEF TECH Boosts DEF 50 1500
Hp2 HP 2 Hp +128 51 600
Atk2 ATK 2 Atk +25 51 600
Def2 DEF 2 Def +18 61 600
Crit2 CRIT 2 Crit +25 61 600
Energy2 ENERGY 2 Energy +1 71 500
Hitblock BLOCK 1 Block +14 71 1000
Hitblock HIT 1 Hit +14 71 1000
BossLevel Boss Level Boss Level Up +4 71 8000
Couragegems Max Courage Gem Increase Max Amount by 10 Courage Gem 71 8000
Rage2 RAGE 2 Rage +20 81 1000
Pacifist2r PACIFIST 2 Pacifist +20 81 1000
Hp2 HP 3 HP +128 101 1500
Atk2 ATK 3 ATK +25 101 1500
Def2 DEF 3 DEF +18 101 1500
Crit2 CRIT 3 CRIT +25 101 1500
Hp2 HP 4 HP +192 121 3000
Atk2 ATK 4 ATK +37 121 3000
Def2 DEF 4 DEF +27 121 3000
Crit2 CRIT 4 CRIT +37 121 3000
Hp2 HP 5 HP +260 141 4500
Atk2 ATK 5 ATK +49 141 4500
Def2 DEF 5 DEF +36 141 4500
Crit2 CRIT 5 CRIT +49 141 4500
Hp2 HP 6 HP +342 150 6000
Atk2 ATK 6 ATK +65 150 6000
Def2 DEF 6 DEF +42 150 6000
Crit2 CRIT 6 CRIT +65 150 6000

Unlock level is the magic house level.

What Exactly does some Techs Do?

Below are the list of Technologies that most player are confused about what they do.


  • Boss Level - raises the level of the event bosses at the start of a new event boss cycle from its default value of "level 20", thereby starting out at stronger bosses worth more points and courage gems.
  • Max Courage Gem - increases the total daily allowed courage gems from hitting event bosses from its default value of 3000.

Guild Technologies

Level 1 of each of the guild technologies costs 50 honor and zero accu. contibution/guild metals.

Technology Name Stats per level Honor cost increase per level Accu Contrib/Guild Metals cost increase per level
GuildTechGold Gold Bonus +0.5% Gold Bonus 25 25
GuildTechExp EXP Bonus Increase EXP by +0.5% 25 25
GuildTechAtk Attacker Increase damage by +0.5% 25 25

Guild technology levels in the Magic House can be no higher than the corresponding guild technology levels set in the guild, with the exception of a player moving to a guild with lower guild technology levels than the player already leveled them to in the Magic House. In that case the levels in the Magic House will remain fixed at their previous levels until the guild catches up their levels.

There seem to be no real certainty if guild technologies might only apply to guild activities and not to things like normal tower, world dungeon or event tower or if they do apply there too. (the guild page has some discussion on it in its comments. Game Masters don't exactly make the discussion more clear with comments like "Dear, guild gold tech is only bonus for collection in castle. Exp tech is bonus for dungeon and tower. And to be frankly, the bonus of every level is not very high. So it is not apparent to see the bonus." [1] which is very unlikely to be 100% correct...)

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Tip: Collecting in castle has a chance of gaining contribution points towards your guild.

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