Breaker GlaxIcon

Breaker Glax
Profession Warrior Star 6star
Race Human Material War Horn
Hero Description The third son of the Earth God. His natural armor is the hardest thing in the world.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 4100 Initial ATK 440 Initial DEF 650 Initial CRIT 570
HP Growth +820 ATK Growth +88 DEF Growth +130 CRIT Growth +114
Awaken Hp 4920 Awaken ATK 528 Awaken DEF 780 Awaken CRIT 684
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +0% Pacifist Rate +25%
Block Rate +25% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +0%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Shield
Attack a single target and increase def for 2 turns.
Breaker Glaxcrit
Leader Skill HP Boost
25% HP Boost at beginning of the battle
Can be obtained in the market using Pink Gems. 35/piece