PIA02 PIA02 21 March 2017

Excited to receive an invitation from Pitaya Network!

I checked my spam in my email box yesterday and found out this surprise:

"Pitaya Network invites you to the closed beta phase for its upcoming 3D ARPG Pocket Knights 2. The closed beta will take place for one to two weeks, starting from April 15, 2017. To pre-register for the closed beta test, please take one minute to fill out a short form in this link."

As a big fan of ARPG and former player of Pocket Knights, it sounds great ! I clicked on the link and bet that the link was safe. Fortunately, it was. A google doc like what I used in college consists of several multiple questions.

The game looks like  more wonderful than Pocket Knights . Going to keep an eye on that.

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Touko32 Touko32 13 October 2015

My team

I need to find a Mage to replace Rhee I have a choice between Brend and Gabriel which one would be great for my current team: Thrakthil Iron Gerico Breaker Glax Candy Can Rhee Eliza.

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Sweetethina Sweetethina 21 August 2015

play pocket knights on pc (without blue stacks)

blue stacks has been giving trouble so i looked into a better way. it works like a charm for me may take a little longer to load then blue stacks but its extremely easy to use! i wouldnt trust someonelse link so look at the site for your self its called andy emulator www.andyroid.net/  it works for me just saying give it a try look up reviews very simular to blue stacks

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Chey2guy Chey2guy 20 July 2015

Version 2.1

Windows version is getting 2.1 in a couple days and I'd like to know how to see what the differences are from 2.0. Any help would be appreciated!

If I can figure that out, I'd like to post the version differences on here, because I can't find them.

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ColonelReb ColonelReb 2 July 2015


Anyone able to figure out how to view images in the APK file now? Im in a mac book and its kinda hard for me to decode the classes.DEX file

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ColonelReb ColonelReb 6 May 2015

New Interactive Mainpage

found a cool new beta thing for wikia called Maps


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ColonelReb ColonelReb 6 May 2015

Animated Heros

The Idea of giving the Wikia a new lively look Coming up with some new ideas while cracked out on Adderall while studying for my finals

Now If I do this with every hero, and make it on the front page would people like it more?

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Allansims4 Allansims4 18 April 2015

Backup row

Hello guys, im level 102, and i have a doubt about the backup line, how can i unlock all of them? i already have one but the other 5 are just with the information locked, with no level information for open or nothing, and i dont know how we unlock that, i mean it takes a certain level or a certain vip level? Thanks for the help

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Lekerashi Lekerashi 21 February 2015

Pocket Knights on Bluestacks?

Around 6 months ago, I was able to play Pocket Knights on my computer through an anodrid emulator called BlueStacks. Since then, I have gotten a new computer and wanted to see if I still play it on bluestacks. Bluestacks has been updated since the last time I used it. Last time I used it, I had to get Pocket Knights through the amazon appstore in order to get it to run. On the new version of bluestacks, I have tried to get pocket knights through the Play Store, the Amazon Appstore and downloading the APK off the internet, yet none of these will work. The screen goes black and then it just goes back to the main screen. Is there any solution to allowing pocket knights to work on BlueStacks? Other apps are working fine for me.

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Michaelyau Michaelyau 9 February 2015

My team - Need feedback

Hi, any suggestion on how to improve my team

Front line: Rathim and Breaker Glax each taking the left and right positions.

Back line: Master Rhee, Gabriel, Ophelia.

Only Master Rhee is awakened and all of the heroes are over level100 and achieve at least the "Single Fist" grade.


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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 30 January 2015

The Band

Hey guys I've been researching  all the heros we've obtained and can be obtained in pocket knight I've been creating and forming teams that can be created and plan to try them once I've achieve my dream team.

Here is one team I plan to try once I obtained the necessary heros.

The Band

I would LUV to hear any other formation you guys can create, this is just one if you want to adjust or give ideas for a new formation for other heros. I'm working on the Avians then the demons I plan to create formations for 4*,5*, and 6* heros.

What do you think of this formation thanks and leave a comment 

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Houtman01 Houtman01 12 January 2015

Please Help with My Team :)

I need some help!!  

Current backline (bottom to top): Candy Can (110) Slayers Harry (125 awake) Master Rhee (90)

Current Frontline (bottom to top): Alln (125 awake) Backup - Master Wu (125 awake) Chiron (130)

I have an Angel (125 awake) and a new Koris to choose for the backline.

I also only need one more piece for Glax.  

To me, Slayers Harry does some really nice single CRIT damage, as well as Master Rhee.  But I can't decide whether to use Angel and Koris because they do awesome team CRIT damage.  

Any help would be much appreciated.  

BTW I am a VIP 6 so not a newbie.


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Watup889 Watup889 8 December 2014

Transferring from a different device

I had pocket knights on my phone since i first started playing the game and now i want transfer that profile to my new device instead of staying on my phone but how do i do that?

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 7 November 2014

New Team (Re-post)

  • 1 I'm getting stronger each week 
    • 1.1 Eliza: 17 pieces
  • 2 Improved Team
    • 2.1 Hello guys I've haven't spoken to you in a while, I've been improving my team since the last time we've spoken so I came back to give my updated team. *Hero lvl updated*
  • 3 Extras
    • 3.1 Title: Viscount 5*
    • 3.2 Player LVL: 109 *almost to LVL 110 Finally*
  • 4 Team's Gear
    • 4.1 Master Rhee:1.833 Million
    • 4.2 Ethnia:1.545 Million
    • 4.3 Juralee:1.660 Million
    • 4.4 Aelis :1.591 Million

Upcoming Heros*

"Pieces I have"

Brend: 19 pieces

Loric: 15 pieces

Golden Maske: 277 pieces

Aelis: 12 pieces

Juralee:10 pieces

Aelis (Awakened) Lvl: 113
Ethnia Lvl: 116
Master Rhee (Awakened) Lvl: 120 

Juralee (Awakened) Lvl: 114
Chiron Lvl: 111

Total Power: 6.371 Million *Old Total Power* "Nice job Shryk3r you guessed close enough to my…

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 29 October 2014

New Team

Hello guys I've haven't spoken to you in a while, I've been improving my team since the last time we've spoken so I came back to give my updated team.

Aelis (Awakened) Lvl: 106  

Ethnia Lvl: 107
Master Rhee (Awakened) Lvl: 110 

Juralee (Awakened) Lvl: 108


Chiron Lvl: 105

estimate the total power I have now *heres the range ^-^ 6.0 million-6.4 million estimate as hard as you can I'll respond the answer in the update.

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Raiiny Raiiny 9 October 2014

Which team setup should I go with

Need some opinions on this to which team setup would be better overall for dungeons/labyrinth/pvp. Labyrinth being the main thing I want to be great at as I'm currently #1 in most weeks on my server. I'm currently level 150 with 9.9mil power.

Right now using Ethnia lvl135, Breaker Glax lvl124, (S)Master Rhee lvl 122, (S)Candy Can lvl 128, Eliza lvl122. I'm going to get Brend the next time it comes back on destiny spin and I want to know which to replace.

Options are transfering Breaker into Brend and go with Ethnia and Eliza in front with Brend, Rhee, Candy in the back. Other option is transfering Breaker into Brend, and then changing Rhee into Jansen which would put Ethnia and Jansen in front with Brend, Candy, Eliza in the back.

I see havin…

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 22 September 2014

The sloppyness of these mobile game companies can be so annoying at times...

They really have no clue about concepts such as testing and quality checking and customer relations...

Mini Knights (and partially Hero Dream) in the past few weeks:

  • "pink gem" code typo'd to "first refill pack" code.  Hero Dream got a 12 hour rollback out of it, Mini Knights fortunately not.
  • yesterday triple hero exp. event listed at Hero Dream and Mini Knights, turns out to be triple character/player exp instead. Today they run a correct triple exp with some energy and action points as compensation (some people pissed since they ran thousands of points yesterday before noticing) and somehow they introduce the Mystery Man glitch into Mini Knights...

The Pocket Knights facebook page is at times also "fun" to read with people pissed off at Z…

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 19 September 2014

Which Gear is better

Hello this about Well as the title says Gear, but mostly 5-star and 6-star gear I like to know if there is any difference between the 5 star gear Guardian, Knight, and King gear they are powerful Gear I looked them up to see any difference between them all besides Stats like is there an effect that is stronger than the other gear or is it just stats as they say in the Gear pages plz comment if you know any differnce besides stats if not its okay thanks.

Do any of you have 6-star or know anyone that has at least one or two 6-star gear because we have the albums but like to know how to obtain them if they are released.

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 18 September 2014

Friend in Need

  • 1 6-Star Wanted
  • 2 Team
    • 2.1 Heros
    • 2.2 Ideas

Hello there my friends I need some assists with my best friend who needs help with selecting a 6-star hero from the courage area, I know courage 6-star heros aren't much, but he has 200k courage gems he's been saving those gems since he started the game  and they are taking space so he needs to use them he doesn't want to use them a 5 star hero he's got plenty of those.

His team so far seems good he only has 1 6-star hero and the rest are 5-star heros I placed the formation below to see his team as of now his current level is 97.

Christmas Angel LVL 90 [Awakened]
Adept Jansen Lvl 90 [Awakened]
Vera Lvl 92 [Awakened]

Nexara Lvl 95 [Awakened]
Ethnia Lvl 60 

He told me he just needs another 6-star hero for now an…

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 18 September 2014

My own style guide

Hi, you might have seen me editing, tweaking etc. here and there. I'm writing down some of my thoughts on how/why I do certain edits.

  • link as much as possible (you don't want to need the browser's "back" button on a wiki), but try to use no more than 1 of each exact link on a page or large section of a page.
for ex. Packs#5 Evolve Material Pack and Packs#6 Evolve Material Pack close to eachother is OK, 2x Packs#5 Evolve Material Pack or even just 2x Packs is not.
  • try to keep file/image names consistent and generic but descriptive
  • try to split pages into meaningfull sections for easy linking to those sections (I'm still thinking if section names with special characters such as the star should be changed or not...)
  • try to keep unnecesary formatti…
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Shryk3r Shryk3r 17 September 2014

Team Progression

Hello all!

Setting up a sort of progression of team blog post, to keep track of where my team is and where I plan on having it end up.

Current team setup:




Total Power - 14.5m

Current progress:

(Update 12/9)

This was overdue for an update.

This week I finished out my collection of both Ethnia and Eliza pieces.  Lab has become very good now, I get into the mid 200s before I have to stop doing x10s.  The new dungeon I still can't quite pass the 10th beast section, but I'm getting closer.

I'll be working on gear and whatnot to give me the push to 15m.  Next hero will likely be Stevie, as I'm out of spin tickets, and am only 35 or so short of Stevie.  She will still be at least a few weeks to get, but closer than anything …

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 15 September 2014

My Team

  • 1 My Team
    • 1.1 Gear
    • 1.2 Title
    • 1.3 My level 
  • 2 Heros
  • 3 JUST FOR FUN ATTACK ON TITAN [Attack on Pocket Knight]

Hello there my pocket Knight fans Say I'm wondering of what you think of my pocket knight team so far I like to hear your opinion on my team and tell me if I need to make some adjustments to them 

So far most of my teams have nothing but 5*gear (Master Talia,Candy Can,Rathim,Ophelia) Chiron has 4 five star gear equipment and 2 four star gear I balanced my teams equipment they range of tier from 3-5 at levels ranging at 75-95 so thats the gear

My title is Viscount with 2-stars 

so far I've reached level 104 as me

Now we get to the good part of the page my heros hopefully this is a really good balance and team for now the 

Candy Can LVL.106
Rathim L…

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Chibba Chibba 2 September 2014

On "Randomness" in PK

I used to think the number of spins/chest opens/whatever you did at a time didn't matter at all. The tricky thing is that whether it does or doesn't is really hard to prove, and it's easy to have your judgment clouded by confirmation bias (basically, you tend to only notice the things that are irregular, even though many things are normal, so one observation outside the scope of a planned experiment is not something to draw conclusions from). However I've observed a few things that are just too peculiar to ignore.

Let me just say one thing to start: I believe your expectation (that is, the number of [item] you would receive if you could open an infinite amount of chests) is the same no matter how many you open at a time. What's interesting i…

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 31 August 2014

Sandstorm Vault

Hello there pocket Knight fans as u can see from the title im here to talk about the great things u can obtain in the vault from pocket knight from my own experence from the vault u obtain such amazing items gears and yes HEROS just today i obtained the 2 5-star heros the royal makse and allon and a 6 star hero which no one know u can obtain yes that unknow dragon knight besides rathim others obtained him from the vault as well ether by fighting him and obtaining his pieces or get him lucky by random select from the 4 cards u can choose from the hero select square.

Plz leave a comment about the vault and what i've just talked here today

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 28 July 2014

Disecting the Android APK

I've been working my way through the Android APK files of Pocket Knights 1.8 and Mini Knight 1.6 , comparing them.

Everything has been processed for the wiki for Pocket Knights 1.8 and, if different, for Mini Knights 1.6, everything for Pocket Knights 2.1, everything for Pocket Knights 2.3 .

  • 1 general structure
  • 2 specific files
    • 2.1 baoshi.csv
    • 2.2 doorofheroes.csv
    • 2.3 equip_hecheng.csv
    • 2.4 equipjinhua.csv
    • 2.5 huodongtajifen.csv
    • 2.6 jewelryjinhua.csv
    • 2.7 jinhua.csv
    • 2.8 jinhuazhujue.csv
    • 2.9 juntuan_boss.csv
    • 2.10 juntuan_technolegy.csv
    • 2.11 lv_yijiezhimen.csv
    • 2.12 newtrain.csv
    • 2.13 newtrain_equip.csv
    • 2.14 newtrain_hero.csv
    • 2.15 newtrain_lucky.csv
    • 2.16 newtrain_monster.csv
    • 2.17 newtrain_quest.csv
    • 2.18 newtrain_sale.csv
    • 2.19 newtrain_transmit.csv
    • 2.20 paihangbang.csv
    • 2.21 shenmozhitapaiha…

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Chibba Chibba 18 July 2014

Spin Hero Probability

Many people wonder how many vouchers you need to get a spin hero. There's no universal answer to that question since there's a bit of chance involved. However it is possible to say "with X vouchers, you have y% chance".

Assumption: The odds of getting a Hero piece from Destiny Spin are 1 in 45.

There is no way of knowing if this is accurate. It's an educated guess based on anecdotal evidence (Many people report needing 8,000-9,000 vouchers, some report needing 9,000-10,000, and a rare few report an even higher or lower number). If this is wildly incorrect, then this chart will be wildly incorrect, but it's the best we can do and I believe it's close enough to the true odds.

Assumption: That the wheel is fair -- that each outcome has a defined …

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 14 July 2014

Shop (WIP)

  • 1 On Sale
  • 2 Emporium
  • 3 Refill
  • 4 VIP

All on sale items are available in limited quanties per day.

Item name
Limits per day
Awesome Token Chest
0 diamonds
80x Awesome Token

Note: "V[number] Refill Gift Pack" can only be purchased once each and are listed up to 1 number above your VIP level, but only purchasable up to your VIP level (for example for non-VIP it only shows V1, which is non-purchasable, for VIP4 it shows V1-V5, of which V1-4 are purchasable) .

Item name
V1 Refill Gift Pack
98 diamonds
980k Gold + 1x Summon Voucher + 1x Large Energy Potion + 1x Large Action Potion
1 total
V2 Refill Gift Pack
398 diamonds
3.98 Gold + 5x Summon Voucher + 3x Large Energy Potion + 3x Large Action Potion
1 total …

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 9 July 2014

raw data

Just trowing some raw test data up here already instead of leaving it locally until I'm finished testing...

Labyrinth chest results:

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 9 July 2014

Leveling high level heroes further?

Note: I'm playing "Mini Knights", so am still at version 1.6, so there's a small possibility numbers would be different for 1.7...

Now that my heroes are in the level 80-100 range, I've been reading User blog:MrHasuu/Efficient Hero Leveling and a few other pages to figure out the most efficient way to further level my heroes.

The Super Chest Monster transfer trick is of course the very best at 2 or 4 million exp, but I'm trying to figure out what to do when those aren't available.

My options that I can think of:

  • fortify with maxed (10/10) king chest: 7350 exp, takes gold
  • fortify with maxed (30/30) 3*: 12K x2? exp, takes gold
  • fortify with maxed (50/50) 5*: 100K x2? exp, takes gold
  • Yggdras dungeon: 7xx exp per battle, takes AP
  • Hero Set Out|hero set …
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Xaero1369 Xaero1369 29 June 2014

Xaero's Tips and Tricks

This List is a compilation from other posts on the wiki, my own personal experiences, or tips from other players.

As a supplement to http://pocket-knights.wikia.com/wiki/Player_Tips_%26_Tricks

Energy Crystals: Merge these into higher *s as needed for evolving heroes/gear

Dungeon Crystals: Merge these into higher *s as needed for evolving heroes/gear

Fusion Stones: Refine all unwanted level 1/XX heroes, you’ll need a lot of these to evolve your starter hero. Refine Stones: Refine all unwanted level 1/XX gear, you’ll need a lot of these to evolve your gear.

Summon Vouchers: Never buy these at full price (80 Diamonds). Ideally, buy them when you have the tower task ‘Bonus Surprise’- buy 1 Summon Voucher, get 1 free. Event Tower exchanges are also …

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 17 June 2014

6 star gear

6 star gear we have 6 star heros, but I never seen any 6 star gear till I got to the album this is some of the weapons and equipment not even released yet still.They should make them more powerful since they are 6-star gears what do you think about these unknown gears.

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SDMarukokun SDMarukokun 2 June 2014

integrating the other releases of the game

This game seems to be released under different names in different regions of the world and on different platforms:

  • Pocket Knights in USA
  • I am Hero in Europe
  • Hero Dream I guess in South East Asia
  •  Heroes of Fantasy on Windows Phone according to User:KnotALegend

Apparently there are at times bits of content that are in those alternate releases that aren't in Pocket Knights and if someone adds those to the wiki, it causes confusion.

How about in those cases prefix the game name to the page? So for example David Thorpe could be named Hero Dream - David Torpe instead to make clear he's only in Hero dream or if a page for I am Hero's Eren would be created, it could be I am Hero - Eren. (this would also make sure the Pocket Knights Rivaille and I am H…

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Jigz Jigz 21 May 2014

Labyrinth Rewards (WIP)

In the table below you will find all the rewards for that particular point level gained in the Labyrinth.  Labyrinth rewards are repeated through each week.

Reward Table

Score Required
500,000 Gold
1x Summon Voucher
10x Booster Gems
10x Diamonds
1x Max King Chest Monster
20x Booster Gems
1x Lvl2 Rune
600,000 Gold
10x Hero Stones
1x Max Big Pearl Card
1x Summon Voucher
1x Lvl2 Rune
10x Transfer Potions
2x Max Big Pearl Card
50x Hero Stones
1,400,000 Gold
1x Lvl3 Rune
10x Diamonds
20x Booster Gems
3x Max King Chest Monster
100x Hero Stones
2,000,000 Gold
5x Summon Vouchers
10x Diamonds
20x Transfer P…

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 16 May 2014


My Ideas are below check them out

Name:Chaoswolf     Race:Werewolf     Profession:Warrior

6-star hero Obtained:supreme summon or 20 pieces

Name:Draco      Race:Dragon      Profession:Warrior

6-Star hero      Obtained:supreme summon or 20 pieces

Name:Leo  Race:Lion  Profession:Warrior

6-Star hero obtained by 20 pieces or supreme summon

Leave some ideas in the comments with profession,

Name,race,obtain,and what type of star hero they are

Bet yout ideas will be amazing can't wait to read them

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Lekerashi Lekerashi 14 May 2014

Whirlwreck 16 help

Note: My set-up is out of date due to an epic night of getting Vera and Rathim and my friend with Ethnia deleting me. I am currently stuck on whirlwreck 16 and looking for suggestions for my formation. The stage looks as such:

I have 2m power myself and my highest powered friend is a 926k Ethnia. This is my team:

I've tried leaving them as they are and putting Ethnia front and center, I have also tried switching just Rhee and Tao, just Wu and Ethnia and doing both switches. Any suggestions?

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KnightWolf6124 KnightWolf6124 14 May 2014

Awaken your heros

  • 1 Awaken your heros to super HEROS
    • 1.1 Welcome to the pocket knight tutoral of how to awaken your heros to be from normal heros to super heros
      • 1.1.1 In this tutoral we will be explaining how to transform your heros to super heros to understand awaken/super heros we will discuss the basic of what is required and give an example how to do it, then give the steps to do this transformation.
  • 2 Requirments
  • 4 Steps

  • You must decide all ready the hero you wish to awaken 
  • Have plenty of blue fusion stone they are an important part of the awakening
  • gain plenty of heros (3-star to 6-star heros only no 2-star to 1-star heros they don't work) to earn a high percent chance of awaking that hero
  • cross your fingers because it sometimes fails

First we must select …

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Lekerashi Lekerashi 11 May 2014

Pandas and Falcons, I need help

Note: This is completely out of date I am struggling with further developing my team. I am an all 5 star team minus an almost maxed out Agrila, I've been updating my current setups and plans on my user page. Right now I have 3 mages, the least powerful (by 50k power) is my Tao Yuan. I've been meaning to get rid of him for a while, but I can't seem to get ahold of any good hunters. I have 2/3 of the transfer pots needed for when I get one, i've been hoping for a Vera through supreme summon, but so far have been unlucky in getting him. I am not close at all to a Marlina, but am saving up for her. From my last 50 summon voucher stint, I picked up a Ygress. I'm wondering if it would be worth transfering Tao's stats to her. I have had her in th…

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Fengster987 Fengster987 1 May 2014

Energy stones

Hey all,

I am writing this because my team is horrible because of lack of energy stones

Recently at my server i compare my team and I found out i need more energy stones because people at my level 82 have rathim and Ophelia and there team is stronger there hero is alredy Teired up so much.i was thinking of getting more but it was to hard any suggestions reply to me on my message wall.


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Masazoeazn Masazoeazn 25 April 2014

Pockets Knights easier chat system

For those who want to chat in Nexara server when they're at home and want to make it easier for themselves to get help or chat with their friends you can use raidcall. It's a free chatting system that you can download at "www.raidcall.com" our group ID is 8639622. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

This raidcall chat group is meant for players who play in any server not just Nexara who are home and rather chat with their mic or use their keyboard to talk instead of chatting with our phones etc. As you can tell chatting with our phones is extremely slow and it's hard getting help with questions we have and so on. The point of this group on raidcall is so players who are at home and feel more comfortable chatting with their mi…

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Emmett050 Emmett050 1 April 2014

This week

I have been editing other peoples pages a bit with my overflowing reservoir of Pocket Knights knowlege 

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Damien26 Damien26 21 March 2014

In need of a new guild (Nexara Server)

Okay, so I just joined my first guild about a week ago, and I like the benefits being in a guild gives you, but the problem is my guild is extremely inactive. In the past  5 or 6 days, we've only had 1 guild war, that only about 8 of us participated in in a guild of 73 people. Also, theres only about 3 people that attempt to do the guild boss every day, and i don't think anybody attempts the masked rebellion event. It's hard to recieve the full benefits and rewards of having a guild when you're guild is very inactive and uninvolved.

Basically I'm making this blog in search for a new guild. I am currently a level 73 on the Nexara server with a power of 1.1M. If anybody has an already developed clan that could use a new active member, or if y…

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AnonymousWhistleblower AnonymousWhistleblower 17 March 2014

Toxic Guilds?

Fellow PK players,

So, by this point it's been some time since the release of the guild system. And, as I'm certain, pretty much everyone's experiences have varied with the system. I'd like to share mine.

I'll start this off by saying that I'm not going to name any names in this post, because it would be disingenuous of me to do so. I am currently playing on Jamel server, on what you might call the "top" guild. Most of the people within my guild are really chill people, ones that I would see myself getting along with if I ever met them in real life.  I'm glad that PK has given me the opportunity to meet these people and to get close to them (well, as close as you can in a game like this). But, I do take umbrage to some of the activities that…

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Xsykz Xsykz 23 February 2014

How do I log in from game center?

How do i log in from game center?

It would always tell me this but I use to be able to just skip it. Now it wont let me play unless i do it, but I don't know how.

Heres a video of what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ow-HI7-Y1M

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Felecity Felecity 19 February 2014

5 star Gears. (How do you get them?)

Same as the title

What is an efficient way of getting 5 stars gears, more or less king gear being the best. what are easy ways you guys have gotten 5* gears?

I need to up my gear power, so would appreciate it if you guys could respond to this.


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Woodsielord Woodsielord 18 February 2014

Ruminating between Day 1 and Day 2: Hidden Skills

For those who do not know, I started theorycrafting recently to understand the inner workings of Pocket Knights. Since we are spending so much time and money playing this game, we deserve to know the formulas and mechanics the devs are holding back from us. In order to do that, we have to theorize, test, and confirm our findings.

Unfortunately, this isn't very easy to do on a mobile game that has a dispersed community (let's thank MrHasuu again for giving us this meeting ground!). This PK Theorycraft blog will be a tiny contribution that should be tested and verified by many players to have any real meaning, and that is where you come in. By all means, participate in the comments to question my line of thinking, but more importantly, try to…

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Tiki Man Tiki Man 16 February 2014

My Horrible Team: Part 3

Hey All,

My team currently consists of a level 68 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Maximus (I transferred my Tarxus to him), a Level 66 Tier 6 (Sword) Vera, a Level 67 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Hanzen, a Level 72 Tier 7 (Sword Line) Shi Fu, and a Level 68 Tier 6 (Sword) Awakened Adept Rhee.

My formation consists of Hanzen in the front center cell, Maximus below him, Adept Rhee in the top back cell, then Shi Fu below her, and Vera, below him/it. My current leader is Shi Fu because of his health boost. I have 185 Allon pieces and am thinking I would transfer my Maximus to him, but I am open to suggestions.

I currently have 11 Ophelia pieces and 6 Rathim pieces. I am saving up my spin vouchers so that when there is a Destiny Spin available I can try to get a 6 sta…

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Woodsielord Woodsielord 16 February 2014

I started theorycrafting today

I was getting sick of being oblivious to the formulas that make the wheels turn, so I decided to take on theorycrafting today.

In order to do that, I removed all my gear and runes, and swapped all my team with my collection of 3-star, level 30/30, tier 1, Awakened (S) heroes. Then I took all my heroes to the final boss of Desert, Draghultan. I chose an AoE boss, because everyone hits it, and then it hits everyone at once; making calculations all that easier.

Here are my findings.

I started with a team of 2 Warriors, 2 Hunters, and a Mage. I will vary this in the future.

Today's heroes and their values are:

Day 1, 3*, Lvl 30, Tier 1, Awakened Team (Level 97 Main hero)


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OneLifeOnly OneLifeOnly 15 February 2014

Problems applying for Elite in Guild

I have 675 Accu. Contribution and it says it requires only 500, but when i try to apply for position it says "Accu. contribution is lower than the player" does anybody know what that means and what should I do?

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Tiki Man Tiki Man 10 February 2014

My Horible Team: Part 2

Hey all,

In this post, I will talk about what I have done to make my team better. This also will help with some of the problems others are having with their team.

So, first to evolve my heroes I will buy 1,000 star chests, which will give me Energy Stones and Dungeon Crystals, and then will give me 30 or so Chest Monster cards, which help in raising power, as well. I also wait until I have like 4,000 Energy Stones and 800 Dungeon Crystals, as MrHasuu mentioned in the comments of part 1, and mass combine them, so I end up with like 5-8 of each.

So my team consists of these tier 6 heroes: Shi Fu, Tarxus, and Vera. I also have an Adept Rhee that is tier 5 and waiting to get awakened. I have not awakened any of my other heroes because I need the …

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MrHasuu MrHasuu 6 February 2014

Tiering up 5Star Heroes beyond Shield

This is a heads up for people who level up to level 110 and can now tier your 5* heroes up to a .
However there's really no point in doing so, because after a 5* hero needs and to tier up from here on. Its as if you're upgrading a 6* hero, might as well just work on a 6* instead. it's not worth spending so much on a 5* hero.

You can still go up to a  but anything beyond that is a waste of materials.

If you got any thoughts or comments, let me know in the comments section below.

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