Almighty 6-star Piece

Almighty 6-Star Piece

Almighty Piece is an item which has the ability to replace any hero piece with the corresponding star level. The Almighty Piece can be used together with the hero pieces to summon that hero. 

In the world of Pocket Knights, players can summon hero by either using the Summon Gate, which costs either Pal Points or Summon Vouchers, or combining the hero pieces. When it comes to Combination, each hero requires a certain number of that hero's pieces to be successfully summoned. For example, 6-star heroes require 20 hero pieces to be successfully summoned, while 5-star heroes only require 15 hero pieces.

There are two ways to fulfill the combination requirement: either collecting the required quantity of hero pieces; or collecting a certain number of hero pieces and replacing the remaining required pieces with the Almighty Piece. For Almighty Piece to be eligible for usage, the Almighty Piece needs to have the same star level as the hero players want to combine, and players need to have at least one piece of that hero in order to combine together with the Almighty Piece. 

It should be also noted that the Almighty Piece is NOT REQUIRED for the hero pieces to be successfully combined. Players only need to collect enough hero pieces as required in the combination interface to summon that hero, without having any Almighty Piece. It is noted as well that the hero pieces take the priority and in case players have both the required quantity of hero pieces and Almighty Pieces, the hero pieces will be consumed first.

How to obtain the Almighty Piece

Up until now, the Almighty Piece is an extremely rare item in the world of Pocket Knights and not available in the normal means of transaction such as Store or Market Exchange. The only way to obtain the Almighty Piece is to collect certain items and exchange in the Event Hall. Since the required items for exchange vary with the events, it is recommended that players carefully check the detailed instruction in-game before attempting the exchange. The Almighty Piece will also take up slots in players' inventory just like Energy Crystals and Dungeon Crystals so it is important to check the warehouse before exchanging as well.

Almighty Piece Exchange

Almighty 6-Star Exchange - Event Hall

Note from Author: There is a hoax that only 1 Almighty Piece and 1 specific Hero Piece can allow you to summon a hero. But as explained above, the total number of hero pieces and Almighty Pieces that you have must satisfy the minimum combination requirements for the hero to be successfully summonned. For example, if you have only 1 Rathim piece, you need 19 Almighty 6-star Piece in order to summon 6-star Hero Rathim. This is of course if you do not want to collect the remaining Hero Piece. Please kindly check the wiki or asking the CS Team before consulting other in-game players, for more trustworthy information!

Updated 28/12/2013.


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