Here's a list of the 5 Star Gears, as of now there is 3 set of 5-star Gears.

For more information about upgrading Gears Click -> Here.

Guardian Gear

IMG 1066

Guardian SwordGuardian WandGuardian BowGuardian Helmet
Guardian ArmorGuardian CloakGuardian Belt IconGuardian Boots

Knight's Gear

KnSw IconKnWa IconKnLB IconKnight's Helmet
Knight's ArmorKnight's CloakKnight's BeltKnight's Boots

King's Gear

King's SwordKing's WandKing's BowKing's Helmet
King's ArmorKing's CloakKing's BeltKing's Boots

Additional Notes

  • King's Gear can be turned into Ancient Gear through Gear Star Up.
  • Please note: Guardian Gear and Knight's Gear CANNOT be turned into Ancient Gear (tested 8/21/15)
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